Raspihats after GPIO support removed

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my several home automation projects based on RPI and raspihats relay/input boards that are nicely stacked on to RPI. with the latest release, raspihats platform is no longer supported and didn’t start. is there a way to get “current” working raspihats solution as “custom” integration as there is nothing wrong with it and no need to improve it… just get it as “manual integration” that still uses GPIOs?

  - platform: raspihats
      - board: DQ10rly
        address: 0x50
          - index: 0
            name: Relay01

for reference - https://raspihats.com/ boards with 10 relays, 16 inputs…

The integration will disappear in 2022.4, i.e. in 2 months.

Unless something broke that wasn’t fixed because of the lack of maintainer (the exact reason why the integration will be removed), it should still work, so whatever issue you have is unrelated to the deprecation notice as such.

Well, then it’s kind of strange, as all I did is upadate to core-2022.2.1. When nothing started, went back with restore to core-2021.12.10 and all is working back as before… all switches and inputs…

is there a way to create “custom” integration with copy/paste existing integration and have it as “manual one, after this one is removed?”

The best write-up I’ve seen for copying an existing integration to make it a custom one is here:
2022.2: Let's start streamlining! - #301

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Raspihats integration from Home Assistant version core-2022.2.7, works again.