React on KNX-off-Telegrams despite no status changed

Hi there,

I am currently moving to home assistant with quite a lot of KNX logics. I have certain group addresses for central-off-functions that will never ever ever ever receive an “on” telegram, but regularly receive “off” telegrams.

I am struggling with reacting to those off telegrams properly, because basically, no status change happens.

What would be the appropriate node to react on every off telegram?

I am currently playing around with the entity settings of the group address (sync_state, ignore_internal_state etc.), but this might even be a bit misleading…

I am just trying to build a flow that only reacts on new off telegrams (only during runtime, not even on startup, because this should not fire the flow).

Any hint to help me out?

Best regards!

Hi :wave:!
Not sure how this works with node red, but in HA you can use

  • a binary sensor with ignore_internal_state: true if you need it as entity. This will trigger a state_change event on every telegram (except reads) sync_state: false will disable reads for this entity.
  • a Knx interface device trigger in an automation
  • knx_event (see Knx integration documentation “Events”)
  • a knx.telegram trigger in an automation (from 2024.6 which will be released tomorrow)

Despite having the ignore_internal_state: true and sync_state: false in my KNX config, every reload of KNX config initializes the state and fires my Flow… :frowning:

Hm… there might be 2 reasons for this

  • you have the GA configured in a *_state_address of another entity
  • the state restore method of HA triggers the state_changed event (either because of ignore_internal_state or because of it being “unavailable” while reloading)

I’d recommend to not use an entity at all for such things. After all the state isn’t that interesting - it’s always OFF :person_shrugging:

Sorry for this newbie-like question, but what would be the alternative to using an entity here?

see point 2-4 of React on KNX-off-Telegrams despite no status changed - #2 by farmio