Read Photovoltaic Battery voltage charge

Hi sdesalve

can you please share why you stopped your SDeSalve Home Assistant Integration: zcsazzurro?

API was not reliable, I don’t own this inverter, I can’t spend more time to maintain this custom component for every update that ZCS will make to their API.

You can add it manually to your home assistant or choose another solution, like solarman

Thanks for your quick reply and I fully understand that if you don’t own an inverter that it makes no sense for you.

Do you know if the solarman data logger works with Azzurro inverter?

I got it working and can confirm the Solarman Home Assistant integration is working perfectly with Azzurro and WLAN module!


Which model of inverter do you have?
And which lookup_file are you using?


I have the AZZURRO 3PH HYD 10000 ZSS and I used the sofar_g3hyd.yaml

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Thank you, the easiest integration to use, without too much fuss. Now after the last update it is working again. Congratulations again!

my server is still not on 24/7 so i dont have history yet

This integration does not work with my Inverter.

Maybe the problem is the ethernet connection.

It seams to work only with the WiFi adapter unfortunately…

Hi all,
old SDeSalve Home Assistant Integration is now deprecated and no longer maintained.

But I made my own integration that is now included into HACS default repositories:

To install, just navigate to HACS and write “ZCS Azzurro”.

Enjoy it! :slight_smile:


for me is not clear how to see value with your integration. there something else to add in configuration.yaml?
thank you

I Just wanted to say that this integration is pure gold!

Fixed all my reading problems. I have the wifi dongle that sends the data to ZCS’s Cloud.
But this integration uses the Dongle to just read the Modbus of the inverter itself and delivers local data every 1 Minute. I think it’s also possible to set the intervals lower in the config, if you need that.

What I sadly still can’t do is write data to the inverter. I wanted to control when it fills the battery and when it empties it. But I thin at the moment I can live without that.

I have a HYD-10000 btw.

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I don’t speek italian, but if my translation worked correctly you have a lot of missing sensors?
That’s quite normal. I didn’t have all sensors I would want, too. But I had enough so I could build template sensors to calculate the missing ones.
I think it’s also possible to add the correct data for the missing sensors yourself. In the config file you can specify sensors and what registers of modbus they shall show. If you find a document explaining the registers and what they mean for your 1PH HYD5000, that souldn’t be that hard.
That being said, I didn’t do that myself either, because I couldn’t find reliable sources.

I love it!
Thank you juleztb because I had your same problem, but with this integration it’s working!

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Let’s enlarge my support request to not italian comunity.
My problem is that I only see 4 sensors on my HASSIO while all the others are hidden entities.
But if I see the diagnostic file I could see also the values of the other entities.
Why I cannot see them in my HASSIO?

I have the same problem
Please let me know how to fix it
Many thanks!

Let’use Solarman Integration

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Is anyone having issue reading the inverter values via RS485 ModBus?
My inverter work for some days then it stop working. It turns back working after some days also.

Already changed usb dongle.
Also tested with a modbus master software, that report the error “Insufficient data byte received”
Also tried with an ESP32 with rs485 converter, no success.

Dear Andrea,
I added you integration, but on the Energy Tab but most of the variables available within the integration are not avilable…

there is a way to ad statistics data for all variables?