Read Sensor values with Siri Shortcuts


Is there a way to say “Hey siri, what’s the temperature in the living room?” and get Siri shortcuts to read (out loud) a sensor value (by entity_id)? So the phone would respond: It’s 20 degrees?

I just can’t find anything like this in the Home Assistant application options in Siri shortcuts.



had the same question and found an answer that worked for me:

First action in Siri shortcut is Home Assistant - Render Template
with the following jinja:

{{ 'Living room temperature is ' + states('sensor.livingroom_temperature') + ' °C' }}

Second action is Speak Text with the data it gets from the first action.
If you are german and use a German Voice like “Anna” and she reads “homograph” before and after each number, select “Siri Voice 2” as the output voice and it works faster and without the error.

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