Read values from a txt file

these are my beginnings in Home Assistant
I want to read the value from the txt file and display it but nothing happens.

temp, 82.0, 10, 30,


  - platform: file
    name: kotla
    file_path: /config/test/data.txt
    value_template: >
        {{ value.split(',')[1] }}

I don’t get new entities

What am I doing wrong?

  1. Execute Configuration > Server Controls > Check Configuration
  2. Ensure it doesn’t report any errors. If it does, fix them before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Execute Configuration > Server Controls > Restart Home Assistant
  4. After it restarts, go to Configuration Logs and confirm these are no errors related to the File Sensor.

Hello, thanks for the quick reply.

it’s true:

Logger: homeassistant.components.file.sensor
Source: components/file/
Integration: file (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 14:21:23 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 14:21:23

'/config/test/data.txt' is not an allowed directory

Where can the file be located?

In your configuration.yaml file, under the homeassistant: option, add information that allows Home Assistant to access the config/data directory.

    - '/config/data'

Then restart Home Assistant and check Logs for errors.

This is mentioned in the File Sensor’s documentation:

The file sensor platform reads the entries from a plain-text file and shows the found value. Only the last line of the file is used. This is similar to do $ tail -n 1 sensor.txt on the command-line. Note that file paths must be added to allow_external_dirs.

Hi, thanks for the repairs now working

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Glad to hear it solved the problem.

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I would need another help, namely.
But how can I read the data from the table, just certain data.

0;          data1 ;     2.0
 1;          data2 ;     3.0
 2;          data3 ;     1.0
 3;          data4 ;     0.0
 4;          data5 ;    78.0
 5;          data6 ;   117.0
 6;          data7 ;   119.0
 7;          data8 ;    53.0
 8;          data9 ;    35.0
 9;         data10 ;    41.0
10;         data n ;    65.0

The File Sensor integration only reads the last line in the file.

The file sensor platform reads the entries from a plain-text file and shows the found value. Only the last line of the file is used.

aha :flushed:
how could I do this to read the desired data from the table?

To my knowledge, there is no standard integration in Home Assistant that lets you read a specific line from a file.

However, it’s possible to create a python_script to read a file and return whatever information you want.

Here’s an example created by VDRainer that gets all lines from a file and returns them as attributes of a sensor. Once that’s done, the information within the attributes is easily accessible to any template for further processing.


If you want to discuss that way of retrieving data, you should start a new topic.

thanks for sending i will look and try to understand something.
When I’m in trouble, I’ll ask questions?