Reading configuration parameters from devices

Is there a way to read back configuration parameters from zwave devices within home-assistant?

I’m finding that OZWCP is having problems configuring my devices for some reason, so I’ve been using the zwave.set_config_param service within hass, and that seems to work more reliably. It would be nice have a way to verify the changes have actually been received, especially with battery powered devices that sleep a lot.

I have the same question. How to read a zwave config parameter? Opposite of set_config_param, something like read_config_param?

In my example I’m using zwave.set_config_param to put zwave Thermostat on HOLD. But how do I read that param to ensure it was set? Or when somebody manually changed it?

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Do you mean in the interface, or programmatically?

The zwave configuration panel lets you look at configuration parameters once you select a node.

From program / code / script. I’m aware of the control panel view, but how do I access the values programatically?

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Yeah, that I don’t know. There’s print_config_param, but that just writes to the log. As far as I can tell, I don’t think services are used to return information. That’s more of the job of the state object. But I’m not aware of these parameters being part of the state.

Has any of you managed to solve this? I’m fighting with the same thing:

Yeah, I’m wondering this too. I have an HomeSeer HS-WS200+ Z-Wave Wall Dimmer and I just figured out from this thead that I could just remove and re-add the switch to see all of the additional configuration options (I added it to my HA instance before the features were added).

With my newfound config options there are LED states for all seven LEDs. They are programmable to be flashing but it takes a number that decodes into binary bits (0-127). I want to be able to AND/OR these values so I can change a bit at a time which means I need to fetch the current value.

I’m going to try to work around this by defining an input_number but it would be a lot easier if there was a zwave.get_config_parameter.

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I know this is very old, but … I’m still not sure if there’s an answer! I have a similar use case as others: a HomeSeer HS-WX300 with indicator LEDs. Unfortunately, sending signals to them seems to be about… 90% reliable? Pretty good, but often enough not right. I’d like to make a service which changes the config parameter and then verifies that it is right by checking with the device. Is there any way to do this? Since the UI shows the current values, HA must be able to read them somehow… is that not exposed in a useful way for scripting or templating?

I’m too trying to read the parameters from a Zwave device (HomeSeer HS-WX300). I found that it is possible to do from the API ( Frontend data | Home Assistant Developer Docs ( using callws with {"type":"zwave_js/get_config_parameters","entry_id":"2252fbce74da770eb90781f7a27f3f11","node_id":19} as data.
I’m just starting to explore this way and I don’t have a functional example to show yet but I thought it could help someone else.

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I think I found a suitable way of doing this, using a trigger template to watch for changes. You can easily build the yaml for the trigger portion of this in the UI by stating an automation, and making a device trigger

- trigger:
    - platform: device
      device_id: 3e92c664aa06924a1ca548d4aaf03b5e
      domain: zwave_js
      type: zwave_js.value_updated.config_parameter
      property: 42
      property_key: null
      endpoint: 0
      command_class: 112
      subtype: 42 (Temperature Offset)
    - name: "Thermostat Offset"
      unique_id: current_thermostat_offset
      state: "{{ trigger.current_value }}"