Reading sensor temperature from XML

I found similar question here, but those answers did not help me. I have XML that has 3 sensors which have identical tags.

<HEATAREA nr="1">
<HEATAREA nr="3">

I need to read <T_ACTUAL>23.2</T_ACTUAL> of each <HEATAREA nr="X">

I tried

But it does not work.

Please help

try using a value_template:

value_template: "{{ value | regex_findall_index('T_ACTUAL>(\d+)</T_ACTUAL') }}"

I think that should work.

Hi, Did you get it to work?
I tried using the value template above but it I cant seem to get any contents / values in the variable.

  - platform: scrape
    name: room1
    select: “temp”
    value_template: '{{ value | regex_findall_index("temp>(\d+)</temp") }}'


















<model>KMtronic DS1820 Temperature Adapter PRO32</model>




Yes, sorry, for everyone finding this topic, please look here. There are two modules for this system in Home Assistant: