Reading status from Z-wave device in one network to device in another network (

I have an alarm that can control z-wave devices. Not as part of the alarm, but as home automation. The Home Assistanst integration is Cloud Pull, basically only pulling the status about once a minute. A status change from armed to disarmed that occur 25 seconds after the actual state change is not much of a trigger. doesn’t offer any API or integration with the sensors. But, I can create a rule in my alarm that turn on a z-wave switch when the alarm is armed. That rule is immediate and if I could read the status it would be useable as a trigger in Home Assistant.

I only need three (four) states: Armed away, armed home, disarmed (and unknown).

The question is: What kind of devices could I use to set a status from the alarm that could be interpreted from Home Assistant?


I’m working on the same issue here. I’m guessing you have seen these threads:

I am interested in knowing the state of sensors as well as the arming status. I have it mostly working using the info from the threads above. However as you say it is slow. Zwave is almost instantaneous and the simple integration between the alarm and zwave sides of my 2gig panel seems like an opportunity to leverage these existing sensors.

The Zwave standard contains the ability to have a controller that acts in bridge mode. I think the original concept was to allow zwave to control say x10 devices.

One of the integrations available on is a zwave to mqtt bridge. This may be the way to get it going but I’m new to pretty much all of this. I’m still trying to get the integration working so I can do some playing but I’m not seeing anywhere in the instructions how to set up a virtual zwave device on the bridge so that a request to turn on that virtual zwave node can be published as an mqtt message and fullfilled and answered by an mqtt device. I’m thinking that it only works the other direction.

Let me know if you’ve figured anything out. I’ll post something here if I get the bridge to work.


A slave solution would absolutely be interresting. But after trying and Sector and deep diving in to Verisure, I am heading for a “real alarm”, like. Vanderbilt SPC. Then you get the real thing and own your devices - and can get instant access to the devices with the bridge