Reading the temperature of a Raspberry PI 4B 8GB running HASS

Is there a way to get a reading of the CPU temperature or any other temperatures built into the Raspberry PI 4B 8GB model? I moved it up to a high shelf and I want to make sure it stays OK.

I have a PoE HAT on it with a fan but I am not sure if it runs automatically. PoE works great, though.

Did you try (bother) to use the search engine :mag: in this forum which is free of charge?

It could have resulted pointing you to one of the threads explaining how it works :point_down:

Also check this thread here :point_down: (pay attention especially to :one: and :two:)

I did. But the search options in here do not see relative items in the list.

Why don’t you just scroll by instead of just showing how much of a jerk you can be?

I see questions all of the time about networking basics but I don’t come out looking like a know-it-all jerk cutting down the person for asking a reasonable question.

I have added the commands in my configuration.yaml file but, where can I see those values?