Rebuild Zigbee2MQTT Network

Hi All,

I just moved my HA machine to a different location in the house and a couple of devices are giving me some trouble so I thought I would delete every device from the Z2MQTT dashboard, factory reset each device then rebuild the network. I have a Sonoff 3.0 and when I originally set it up a couple of months ago the network was rock solid and really fast. Way better than my ZHA network using the HUSBZB-1
Would I need to delete the configuration.yaml & database.db within the zigbee2mqtt folder once I have removed each device and start with new configuration & database files or is this not rerquired?

Thanks in advance for any help

They say, removing the coordinator for 30 minutes (they say) might put all your devices into frenzy mode and they will try to rejoin to the closest node after you enable it. This could be a big hoax or misbelief but it worked for me.

About ZigBee2mqtt question, i would delete the add-on and it’s shared config folder to guarantee that nothing becomes sticky

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I have powered off the machine and removed the Sonoff for 30 mins as I know that forces the network into panic mode, I have 1 Aqara motion sensor and 2 Ecosmart light bulbs in my bathroom which just don’t seem to want to make solid connections. I have plenty of routers upstairs and throughout the house. When my PC was in it’s previous location it was pretty much under the bathroom.
I have a spreadsheet I used when I moved from ZHA to Z2MQTT to document all my devices and names so that doesn’t concern me I was just unsure about deleting the configuration.yaml & database.db files

Both options seem like way too much trouble.

Aqara devices only check in once an hour, so 30 minutes may not have helped anything, and even then can be very “sticky” to whatever they are currently paired. Best bet is to re-pair with a specific router device. Also, try a couple of different brand routers, some Aqara devices don’t mix well with all router devices.

No how often the bulbs check in or how readily the re-route, but would suggest the same steps before blowing up the net.

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Seems like my zigbee went into this panic mode after taking the HA offline to migration from SD to SSD. My zigbee devices mostly work immediately after the migration, but then I started seeing the zigbee device found/interview/etc … looks like this panic mode is how it rebuilds the mesh after being offline for some time. Zigbee is chatty right now so I’ll leave it alone for the moment allow it to “auto-heal” for a lack of a better word.