Recommend me a zigbee light switch

do you know a zigbee switch which is capable of:

  1. working as a router
  2. controlling “backlight_mode” attribute (control the light indicator on the switch - I would like to turn it off in bedroom)
  3. working without N wire
  4. working with Home Assistant

I have bought 2 so far, but neither of them can fulfil all my requirements:

eWeLink ZB-SW01:

  1. (:white_check_mark:) it is a router
  2. (:x:) the light indicator setting cannot be changed - it is always on (if the bulb is off, the indicator shines white, if the bulb is on, the indicator shines green)
  3. (:white_check_mark:) works without N wire
  4. (:white_check_mark:) working with Home Assistant

_TZ3000_18ejxno0 TS0012:

  1. (:x:) it is just end device
  2. (:white_check_mark:) the light indicator setting can be changed
  3. (:question:) works without N wire, but sometimes bulbs flash
  4. (:white_check_mark:) working with Home Assistant

There is an ongoing discussion similar to this here: Looking for no-neutral switch with repeater functionality? - Hardware - Home Assistant Community (

I am using the TZ3000_hhiodade switch from Moes too and this doesn’t route but it works fine.

For a Zigbee router for the rest of my house, I just use a simple Zigbee OnOff Controller just wired to the mains and that works flawlessly.


Just received the
This is not eWeLink ZB-SW01 more, but tuya. Quality is extremely low. Manually soldered smd push buttons. Flux not removed.