Looking for no-neutral switch with repeater functionality?

Hi all,

I recently got into home automation and started building a zigbee network, the first thing I bought was this zigbee dimmer. It ticks all the boxes, looks like a normal switch, works when the network is down, works in my UK house with no neutral and also functions as a zigbee router.

I am now looking to expand my network into other rooms and would like to replace all my normal light switches with switches that basically work the same but are simply normal switches rather than dimmers. However I am running into trouble actually sourcing a no-neutral regular switch that works as a router, I plan to use these to expand my network across the whole house so need the router functionality.

There are plenty of no-neutral switch options but I cannot find any that work as routers, it’s clearly possible because the candeo dimmer does it but I cannot for the life of me find one.

Anyone got any ideas for units that might work?

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These are no neutral and route. Also dont need cap for low power lighting.

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Is there a list of zigbee switches that works as router with no neutral?
I have a few push button type wall switches by moes installed but doesn’t function as router.

I’ve ordered one of these Moes capacitive ones to try out, however I am definitely still looking for a more convential push button switch for certain rooms. Failing that even a module I can install behind a conventional dumb switch. Even those I’m struggling to find router+no neutral

I have a few moes switches like this and they do not act as a router. Benefit from them is that they can work with or without neural wire. They all have support for neutral wire but no routing capabilities. Bseed switches, easy to find on aliexpress, with neutral wire have routing capability but those are touch switches. Maybe you can find some push switch with the same function.

I’ve tested with this no neutral hack and my switch does function as router.
Unfortunately most of the zigbee switch I have doesn’t have neutral port included

I had assumed with neutral, routing feature is available.
So not all zigbee switch with neutral supports routing?

No it isn’t. I have one connected to neutral wire but it doesn’t act as a router.
Obviously not all zigbee switches with neutral wire have routing capabilities, at least those from moes doesn’t. On the other hand bseed switches with neutral wire does act as a router. Haven’t tested others.

Just received one of these, unfortunately it does not route, at least not when wired as no neutral, the search continues.

There are no switches that can act as a router without neutral wire connected, as I know. Maybe I’m wrong but I never did find such a switch. Some zigbee switches that need neutral to work act as a routers like bseed. I know that because I have it. I also have moes switch and this one doesnt act as a router even with neutral connected.

The candeo dimmer I have (linked in my original post) works as a router without neutral. Maybe I just need to put dimmers everywhere…

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Well as I said I didnt find any light switch without neutral to work as router. Didn’t check for dimmers.

I’m in the same situation. UK-based, just put in my first Candeo rotary dimmer (using router functionality) but looking to roll out to rest of house.

What solution did you settle on?

I thought an alternative would be to use Zigbee repeaters (like TRÅDFRI, Signal repeater - IKEA), but not sure which to buy that could be wired in permanently.

I found: Recommend me a zigbee light switch

Welcome! @eob


If you are a little bit DIY adventurous, you can create your own router devices using this very nice free firmware link below. Yes, you can buy an Ikea device off the shelf for same or less price (and no sweat equity :wink: ). However using the ptvo firmware and your own breadboard, you can not only build low voltage wired device that you can worry less about hiding it away say in the ceiling and use CAT 5 or even smaller low voltage wire. But you can build your own IOT sensors and or switch functionality into the device. I used one in the attic with temperature sensor for attic temperatures and control an attic fan based on a attic to outside temperature differential via Home Assistant in addition to it’s routing function.

I have a number of these CC2530 devices running as routers for years nonstop.

I will defer to the poster that said they were successful using MOES no neutral switch as a router, however I have tried a couple of no neutral switches (I believe including USA Moes touch switch) on USA 120 volt power and they did not route. Maybe a higher AC voltage allows enough bleed current to make this possible at 200+ volts.

If you have a low voltage door bell that has wire running thru the attic, you can look at tapping into that power. You will need a low cost buck converter to get to 5 or 3.3 v dc. You can put these small devices in a off the shelf electronics or electrical box with the antenna out the side. Just tack it in the attic and you will have pretty good 2.4 ghz zigbee coverage.

Good hunting!

CC2530 + CC2590/CC2591/CC2592/RFX2401 routers

CC2530 Zigbee Module UART Wireless Core Board Development Board CC2530F256 Serial Port Wireless with SmartRF04EB ZigBee Emulator



BTW, it’s a router not a repeater. Wish the Swede’s would get a clue :wink:

Thanks @dproffer. Self-build routers are a bit out of my time budget! I ended up buying an IKEA control outlet for £15 and it’s happily extended my whole network to upstairs.

I can report that the Candeo Dimmer has done a great job over the last few months a provided a stable router for my burgeoning Zigbee network.

I notice these folk had a similar fate not finding no-neutral routing switches: Sonoff ZBMINIL2 is not a ZigBee router?

My plan is to continuing rolling out the Candeos as I can’t see many places where I wouldn’t want a dimmer.


I’ve ended up putting about 7 candeo’s in now and they all work well. I also wish i could find a non dimmer equivalent for certain circuits but no joy yet.

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