Recommendations for Thermostatic Valves (TRV) to work with Hass.IO

Does anyone have any recommendations for a Zigbee Thermostatic Valves (TRV) to work with Hass.IO??

My use case is as follows:

  • When I work from home, I want to switch off all the radiators in the rest of the house.
  • When the family is at home, I want the whole house heated
  • When my girlfriend is at home, only the bedroom needs heating, so switch off all the radiators in the rest of the house

Therefore simple on/off Thermostatic Valves (TRV) would suffice.

Clearly I can add Scenes to Home Assistant to cater for the above scenarios.

I have ordered (and returned) a few different Zigbee TRVs to try with SmartThings (before I moved over to Hass.IO and Conbee II). Here’s what I found:

  • Salus TRV10RFM just appeared as “Thing” in SmartThings with no ability to control. Maybe deCONZ would be better with this device???

  • Meross TRVs come with a hub and the integration must be via their web service - which incidentally completely broke my SmartThings hub when I connected the two. Don’t want to depend on the internet to control a Zigbee device, so this is a none starter.

I have a Salus iT500 heating controller which does not integrate well with Hass.IO (although there is a GitHub repository of a Node.js solution ).

I may consider getting an entire solution from one supplier, but not sure how good they are?? For example:

  • Tado
  • Honeywell T6R-HW Smart Thermostat plus TRVs
  • ecoBee
  • Netatmo

I’m looking to replace all mine too. I’ve had one Tado TRV in the past but it stopped working one day and was useless. It would still make the noise as if it was controlling the valve but didn’t do anything. Support weren’t interested.

I’m also put off by the subscription. I am going to try the Salus one with Deconz. Will report back once delivered.

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Did you try the Salus yet?

No haven’t got round to it, forgot to order then spent all my money on a conservatory! Maybe in a few weeks.

I did order the Salus, but deCONZ does not see it at all, so completely useless.

After reading about the Wiser integration the awesome guys published on
I decided to order the Wiser kit. May not be Zigbee, but looks like I will be able to control the individual TRVs

Will post an update when I have it all installed

After months of looking, I came across the excellent Wiser Heat Hub integration for Home Assistant by Angelo Santagata and team available on HACS as the Wiser Heating Component for Home Assistant and on their repo here:

As you will see in my screenshot below, I have room by room control. I use the Wiser app only to control my hot water on a set schedule (which I never change). Everything else is controlled in Home Assistant.
The Wiser integration supports all of that and more. In the UK, the Wiser kit is sold under the Drayton Wiser brand. In other parts of the world as Wiser Schneider. Note that if you check eBay, you can often pick up Drayton Wiser kit from plumbers who have got surplus stock. I got my Wiser Kit 2 (which includes hot water heating) for £105 on eBay vs £190 on Amazon. Good luck!


I might have missed it, and apologies if so, but what TRVs are you using? This is exactly what I’m looking for, zigbee would be good but I’m struggling to find a solution. Does the Wiser kit offer local control or does it need to be connected to the internet?

The TRVs are the Wiser devises I mentioned in my previous post. The Wiser Heat Hub sits in your boiler cupboard and it communicates with the Wiser TRVs to see if they need heat (or visa versa if you like). The HA add-in then allows you to control everything as per my screenshot.

Hi my solution for on off trv valves was to modify existing dumb trv to work with mqtt as this thread

@mudman Sounds like a lot of work! The Wiser solution is off the shelf and mine was installed within 30 minutes, all due to the Wiser Heating Component for Home Assistant integration that @Angelo_Santagata created.

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True it is a bit more work about 1 hour to assemble flash and integrate into home assistant using genetic thermostat. But they are very cheep at under £15 per valve

I’m using Tado and in general it’s OK. Integration with HA is OK. There are some problems, but I’m happy using 5 TVRs more than 1 year.

Wiser here too. With the integration from @Angelo_Santagata available on HACS, I have everything working as required. The wiser app itself is average, but as everything can be exposed to HA the possibilities are endless.

I have overrides to schedules when no-one is home, when the house alarm is put on, further changes are made.

All works great.


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I am considering blocking the wiser heat hub connecting to the internet. This would be a precaution against wiser updating the firmware and removing the API that @Angelo_Santagata has used…

Any other wiser users have thoughts? I think we can do everything without the app after the initial pairing and config?



I understand that the hub firmware can only be updated by someone actively doing so using the app. Therefore blocking internet access to the hub is pointless - unless you have over enthusiastic app users!

Hi John,

because of you I have bought the system and it seems to be a good one but I’m having problems pairing the TRVs to the hub. What was your experience with them? Did those pair on the first try or did you have to try a few times. I always end up with the same error, “the radiator failed to join”.

As you probably figured out, the TRVs are paired with the hub using the Wiser app. The app does tell you how to pair them. Holding them in + position for so many seconds, then - after. It leads you through it. If they TRV is not in pairing mode, then you will have problems.

It did take me a few tries to get my head around it, but once one was done, the rest of the TRVs all paired no problem.

Once all configured, I removed all schedules for each room, leaving only an “Off” schedule late at night. That way HA does not try to compete with the Wiser hub for setting temp in each room.

The only schedule I do use is for hot water.

I have recently published my Home Assistant config. Once you get the Wiser components configured, you may want to reuse parts of my config in the packages/wiser.yaml file.

Thx for quick reply and advice. I used this video as guide because the app is really vague when it comes to pairing. Their printed quick start guide isn’t helpful either, doesn’t event tell you how to factory reset devices which was necessary for me in case of room thermostat because it wouldn’t pair otherwise. However, I’m still having problems, looks like hit or miss to me. I was able to pair it once but I had to reset it again because I could not screw it to my radiator after pairing for some reason.

Do you by any chance also use zigbee2mqtt for anything you might have? I wonder if it’s going to cause any communication problems with my other devices. I had to disallow pairing for in the HA add-on because one of the TRVs paired right away to it. As a result my zigbee2mqtt started crashing every one minute due to having one unknown device in its device database. Currently, I have it switched off, so I can pair all Wiser devices to the heating hub and once this is working I’m going to re-enable it.

Does sound like your zigbee2mqtt is adding to your problems. I did not even try to pair with the Conbee2 / deConz as I knew I wanted to control everything via the Wiser Heat Hub.

As I happens, I had to factory reset one of the TRVs today because it had come undone as I had not screwed it onto the radiator tightly enough. Of course, the TRV was in the closed position (radiator off) which makes them IMPOSSIBLE to screw back onto the radiator. Hence I had to factory reset the device and re-pair it with the hub. I followed these instructions (below) to factory reset and then followed the app to re-pair. Note that the valve MUST be screwed onto the radiator when the app tells you to do it, otherwise it will not be in the open position making it impossible to screw on.