Recommendations Zigbee Smart Plug (UK) w/ Energy Monitoring

For those still looking for the TS011F plugs, the link I posted above is currently selling these now for £13.88 (roughtly $17.6). But you can find what I think are identical pluds for much cheaper, such as these ones for £6.45 each:-!GBP!3.70!3.70!!!4.57!4.57!%40211b618e17163878609917026ea6fe!12000034207067198!sea!US!0!AB&curPageLogUid=CGDZtBhBhJPP&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A

And the original shop is still selling these under this cheaper link too:-!GBP!16.92!7.11!!!20.89!8.77!%40211b618e17163878609917026ea6fe!12000029548088536!sea!US!0!AB&curPageLogUid=VEgMl1nAbt1s&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A&gatewayAdapt=4itemAdapt

So make sure you check for current pricing before using any links!

Just becarefull with these as they are pretty chatty even with 60s reporting interval they ping the coordinator every 2s so if you have loads of these then your mesh network will be unstable.

I have 5 and it is starting to give me some grief.

Does anyone know if you can just simply disable to the TS011F energy reporting so you can still do on and off, but without flooding the network with the energy readings? I have about 8 of these plugs that I’m slowly replacing and it would be good not to simply add to the e-waste bin. Thanks

Can you show me how to monitor this ? I have 6 of these plugs and my network is very stable. Be good to know how to monitor it tho.

Not monitoring the stability itself but I have around 145 devices. But when I see the last seen time of these plugs I always see > 2s, so they must be really chatty. When I turn on debug I see they are sending a lot of pings for no reason.

I noticed when I added 2 more of these plugs my mesh started giving me issues.

I am looking to reduce the impact upon the network of these Tuya devices so I am changing the ‘Min Rep Interval’. Should I also set ‘Min Rep Change’?
I am not sure how the 2 settings work/interact.
UPDATE: So I assume that if the change in value (voltage, current etc) is less than the ‘Min Rep Change’ then it won’t report the update?
I have a mixture of BSD29_1 and TS011F_plug_1. The BSD29_1 smart plugs do not appear to let you set any of the reporting intervals.

I’ve been using the Hive UK plugs and they’ve worked very well and have power monitoring in ZHA and Z2M. They are not cheap but often go on sale on Amazon.

I recently bought innr UK plugs that are much cheaper but (at the time) only reported energy i.e. kW and not power consumption i.e. kWh in ZHA. I subsequently switched to Z2M where I do see kWh reported. The innr plugs do not seem to be as strong routers as the Hive plugs as the reported LQI is lower and I’ve experienced end-devices connected to the innr plugs dropping off the network.

I also use Sonoff plugs that don’t have energy monitoring and don’t play nice with my mesh network so I’ve just ordered some Tuya devices to replace them though the above comments on the Tuya devices being ‘chatty’ has now got me nervous as a big reason for my purchase was to improve the reliability of my mesh network!

I removed all my Tuya energy monitors plugs. Replaced them with WiFi, Tapo P110 to be exact. Much cheaper

Thought I would add my recent experiences:
I have a Zigstar UZG-01 (p7 chip) and Z2M on my HA installation.
The UZG-01 was pretty unstable (ESP 0.26 and Zigbee 20230507). I run quite a lot of TUYA devices (24 of them and mainly smartplugs). Typical uptime was around 4 days before all devices started going offline and I had to restart the UZG-01 to bring them back.
Since then I have moved the UZG-01 to ethernet (was WiFi) and the ESP firmware to 20240602. Zigbee is still 20230507.
I have also changed the reporting/polling intervals on the TUYA smartplugs to be much less frequently as I was aware this could produce a lot of Zigbee traffic.
For devices that have a Polling option (BSD29_1, TS011F_plug_3) I set the ‘Measurement poll interval’ interval to 360 seconds.
For the devices that have Reporting options (TS011F_plug_1, TS011F_plug_3) I set the ‘Min rep interval’ to 360 seconds for all 3 Reporting options.
The UZG-01 has currently been up 12 days without errors. I do not pretend to know if the reliability problem is really fixed, or which of the above changes had a beneficial impact.
NOTE: I don’t really care about power stats from the smartplugs in general.

Fwiw I paid about £6 per Tuya TS011F on AliExpress. I finally got around to running a side by side comp where I plugged in the Tuya, innr and Hive plugs next to each other and paired them directly to my SLZB-06 coordinator.

Tuya reported the lowest LQI in Z2M. The innr were 2x the cost and reported better LQI. The Hive were 2x the cost of the innr and reported the best LQI. In this case, you get what you pay for it seems!

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sorry to bump, but i’m looking for a uk plug.

needs to be zigbee (for z2mqtt) and not fussed about energy monitor, just on/off control is enough.

what are the current suggestions? most seem to be WIFI these days.

Personally I have bought TUYA smart plugs from Aliexpress which have all been OK for me, although do reduce the polling and reporting for them otherwise they can send a lot of traffic.
Not everyone likes TUYA, although there is very little choice apart from them for Zigbee UK Smart Plugs.
Usually can be had for around £7 each

are they appropriately CE branded?
the link has these items priced at £0.81p each? i can’t imagine these conform at that price!

I think you can only get 1 at that price as a new Aliexpress member.
They do appear to be CE branded from what I can see. I have 24 of them and they seem to work fine for me. There are 3 or so different models and its never quite clear which one you may get although all are very similar.
They are (ignore the pic):

What’s the ideal rep you have set for each?

I set Min rep interval (all 3 of them) to 3000 (secs).
I am not generally interested in power reporting etc so just set it to a fairly high number.
If applicable I set Measurement poll interval under Settings (specific) to -1 to disable it.

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just got one delivered (for 97p).
i can’t see any “min rep interval” settings, only setting i can see is “Measurement poll interval”

as i’m not interested in monitoring power i can just set this to -1 and forget about anything else?

i also keep seeing this appear, even though i’ve not changed that setting, and it’s currently blank


Yes that’s right
Re the error message - put 0 into all settings like Power calibration and other xyz calibration under Settings (specific) e.g.: