Recommended smoke detectors - reliability, no false alarms, battery life?

For our family house and for the house of my mom I would like to change from traditional 433 smoke detectors to Zigbee. Right now I have almost nothing, just a Raspi with Home Assistant on it. I would mount approx 30 smoke detectors, some water leakage detectors and of course a number of repeaters to get them all connected.

When searching for “Zigbee Smoke Detector” I came across those four models:


So: Any recommendations which one to use? One of those or any other? They should be approx the same price range.

Ideally I would be able to recharge them via USB but it seems like they all need batteries, so I would like the battery to last as long as possible.

And here the other two models

I also want to know this.

Aren’t there any European products? I believe they must be somehow certified in order to be accepted as the necessary sensors you are required to install in new homes.

I’m soon-ish moving into a new flat, so I’m already planning it home assistant wise, but I’m also not really far on fire alarms.

They would be nice to use as alarms as well.

Having a look here
and here
there are quite some differences which values they expose.

So this is bringing me to the next point: How do I get them really connected so that
IF one-sensor-detects-smoke THEN all-sensors-give-alarm
What I understood is: Home Assistant could trigger any function is one sensor detects smoke. But what does it trigger then? Are there any smoke detectors where the siren can be triggered from outside?

Seems like those sensors
can be used both as sensor and as a siren, correct?

I’m using 2 HEIMAN Zigbee Smoke detectors on conbee II which work pretty well

Do the Heiman sensors habe the option to use them as a siren? So detector #1 detects smoke, Home Assistant tells ALL sensors to make alarm?

I never tried this. Also not available in service siren.
On deconz, I see 2 clusters IAS WD to possibly sent a warning , siren or strobe and IAS Zone to define zone where I guess you can group sensors in the same. I don’t see those clusters translated into HA.

I use others methods like Google assistant, lights and smartphone notification
link to product (not taken from that store but same picture):

Alternative to zigbee is to use standard linked detectors with a central relay control for monitoring:

Works well for me.

I notice Shelly have just launched wifi smoke alarms as well…

SA12IZL: It is AC powered, lacking router functionality. Not useful.
SMSZB-120: Seems to be sold as " frient Intelligent Smoke Sensor Zigbee" for 40.- € including the standard CR123 battery
R7049: Discontinued
JY-GZ-01AQ: Sold here excluding the expensive CR17450 battery