Regarding Sonos Hardware and Bluetooth or IR Remote Control

Hey there, I’m new and I don’t know if what I’m trying to do is possible or feasible so I decided to ask for experiences in the community.

I’ve got myself a Sonos Surround System and the only way to toggle speech enhancement, surround enabled/disabled and night sound via the Sonos App. Apparently Sonos makes an API available and a user on reddit linked me to the Sonos integration for Home Assistant which can be found here: Sonos - Home Assistant

What I’m trying to do is: I want to get myself a hardware remote (just as a TV remote) with e.g. five buttons. I want to bind the buttons to features like toggling speech enhancement mode that are available with Home Assistant.

As per my limited knowledge, I’d need a remote that works with a Raspberry Pi on which Home Assistant is running to bind the buttons to specific actions. I have a Raspberry Pi and can set up Home Assistant tonight. The question I have is, if what I’m trying to do is possible at all?

Thanks in advance for reading and if there is something missing, please let me know so I can answer as best as possible!

After looking up some threads in the forums, I’ve stumbled upon this: [Tutorial] Using Bluetooth multimedia buttons in Hassio Automations and also found a Flirc Skip1s remote that seems to have a preset for Sonos Hardware which I’ll have to investiagate more (The Skip 1s - Flirc).