Relay board for Home assistant

Hello. I am new to this forum. I started working/learning about home automation. I would like to know which relay boards you use in your automation.

In the next year I will start building a new house and would like to learn home automation during this time.

Can you recommend a relay board that I could integrate into the home assistant?

My requirements for a relay board are that it has an ethernet port, digital and analog inputs and at least 8 outputs. The panel must have the option of mounting on a DIN rail.

Can you help me?

What do you intend to do with your relay board(s) it matters - what is your definition of relay board. Are you looking for one big centralized device or are you putting relays at the devices

Some of us use exactly 0 relay boards and use smart switches or bulbs instead.

What is your geography? (power and rf requirements and device availability varies GREATLY by region)

Hello Nathan

I am looking for a central device that will be in the electrical cabinet for home automation. I plan to use the relay board to switch the lights, to switch the electrical sockets on and off. I also plan to use various sensors (temperature, magnetic sensors). In fact, I plan to build a central electrical cabinet where everything for home automation will be.

I’m from Europe

Hi Ales, welcome to the forum!

Have you issued a search:

I looked a bit but I can’t find anything concrete

Since HA is so versatile in ways of communication protocols, there are a lot of options and as Nathan states, I think most of the users have smart bulbs or switches.

You might have a look at this: 32 channel ethernet relay module – KinCony KC868-H32
I’m using the 16 port version but there were some hurdles to get it running without problems.
Another options is KNX but that comes with a serious bill.

You just might have to do some reading

I was already looking at the Kincony KS868 H32B. But you can buy it only on AliExpress. The price is not that big, but together with postage, taxes and customs clearance, the price increases a lot. Is it possible to buy this relay board somewhere in Europe?

Can you suggest an alternative?

Has anyone used the relay module below?

Has anyone integrated it into home assistant?

Aliexpress has all customs etc…sorted out. So if you buy and pay there you get directly to your home without extra paying, just make sure you don’t choose cheapest postage (like super economy global…something like that). There are many relay boards with esp module there. If you’re good with programming you can “drop” esphome into that.
Here’s the table - green is without paying, red is with extra charges very likely.

Hello @Protoncek

Where did you find this table?

It was published on our local electronics forum, guys found it somewhere on other forum, i guess, but it was built based on experiences, so it’s pretty reliable. I order from aliexpress a lot and i only paid once since new regulations took place ( i missed sender and chose super economy global…). Aliexpress has it’s own customs system: all is sent into their “house” (one is on budapest airport) , there all import and other things are done, then it’s put on hungary’s local post and if you’re in europe/EU you get package without any charges, like you would from your friend two blocks away…
But, from my experiences most sellers on aliexpress have “correct” shipping already chosen. If not, i guess they will soon stop selling (in EU anyway,)

Then there should not be any problems with delivery and customs clearance to Slovenia?

When I bought the KinCony relay it was much cheaper (less then 80€ for the 16 ports version) that made buying it more interesting.
There were some issues to get it working but now it runs reliable.

Do you think that the smartDEN relay you link to is interesting since it only has 8 relays to control things?
I understand that when you start from scratch with a new house, it makes sense to switch from the fuse box, but the options are limited or you have to go with the big companies which translates into $$$.

If you compare that with switching ‘on the spot’ it makes a lot of difference, price-wise.
On top of that, if you want to dim lights, it cannot be done with these relays.

EDIT: have you seen this one Ethernet Relay Board 16 32 Channel ESP32 WIFI MQTT Home Assistant Domoticz OpenHAB Digital Input Smart Switch

Nope, generally not, unless you’re extremly unlucky. Like i said: in appr. 2+ years it happened to me once…

Hello @Ales1,

I’m exactly the same stage as you.
I bought a SmartDEN from Denkovi for testing.
It will be delivered next week.
Denkovi has digital inputs for sensors and analog output for dimmer. The price is good when compare to others big players.
It runs standalone (inputs x relays) and my concern now is about reliability.

Hi @giliardi

Which model did you get?

Will the relay block be integrated into any other system (home assistant)?

When you get the relay block can you take some pictures and upload them here?


For the new house, I will install the electrical installation myself, so I will bear the material costs myself.

Considering that it will be a new house, I want to do as many things as possible with a wired connection.

SmartDen is interesting to me because you can buy modules that are only inputs and modules that are outputs. I also think it’s wise not to have all outputs/inputs on one module in case a module breaks.

I bought the IoT model (MQTT).
8 inputs, 8 outputs and some others resources.
Yes, I’m going to integrate on HA, which will be the brain of my new house.

I put another topic here some weeks ago and I will update in there with the tests and results of my research.

Link: Lighting

Can you send me the link?

Isn’t the IoT model (MQTT) just an output module

After looking a little bit closer, these smartDEN IoT/MQTT products can be interesting indeed.