Remove Insteon Device

I have an Insteon device I need to remove. I found I can delete an entity from Insteon, but not a device. This thread talks about removing an Insteon device and two methods are discussed. The first is using the service to delete all Insteon links. The second involves pressing setting buttons on the device and on a device that seems to be something other than a PLM. If someone can confirm this works on a PLM, I’ll try it, but I don’t want to start messing around unless I know what I’m doing.

Currently I have HA on an Pi4 with an Insteon 2448A7 USB stick. Since the range on that seems rather limited, I have plugged in a PLM, Insteon 2413S, in a nearby power outlet. After I plugged that in, I found Insteon devices that wouldn’t connect with HA were connecting, so I’m using both the USB stick and the PLM.

There seems to be no direct way to communicate with the PLM (unlike with an Insteon Hub).

I don’t want to use the service to delete all links, since I don’t want to have to reconnect other devices. While, at this point, I have only one other device set up on Insteon, it’s a Micro-Dimmer and it’s in a wall box. For now, that’s doable, but I want to know what to do in the future, as well, when I have over a dozen Micro-Dimmers installed. (So I’m thinking about doing this not just now, but in case I have to do it in the future, with many more devices connected.)

I see this as a 2 step issue:

  1. Remove the device from the PLM
  2. Remove it from HA

I’m hoping if I remove it from the PLM, it’ll cease to show up on HA, but I’m not clear about that.

did you ever get a response to this?

My understanding is the same.

there is a service under developer tools
Insteon: Delete all link

Tells the Insteon Modem (IM) to remove an All-Link record from the All-Link Database of the IM and a device. Once the IM is set to delete the link, press the link button on the corresponding device to complete the process.

I have tried this process a few times and it does NOT work for me:(

Does anyone have any insight on how this is actually supposed to work? It looks like you have to remove the individual device links, and not the insteon device itself.

Thanx in advance!