Removing Device from Sonoff after migration to ESPHome

Based on the response I received in a different thread (Sonoff Power Measurement Issues - Hardware - Home Assistant Community ( I have started to migrate some of my Sonoff devices, focusing on the ones providing current/power info, to ESPHome.
Flashing the devices was much easier than expected, but - even after deleting the devices from the eWeLink app - the device and its entities still shows up in Home Assistant as a Sonoff device in addition to a ESPHome device.

I could probably go into the .storage subfolder and start messing with some of the entries on there but I’d prefer to avoid that given how easily I could mess up my configuration from there.

I tried already to delete the entities individually, but according to the error message it seems like the integration is still providing info for the entities.

Any hints on the best way to delete a Sonoff device and its entities directly/from the integration itself without leaving behind of the items as part of the Sonoff integration?

Would deleting and re-adding the Sonoff integration itself do the trick?