Removing old Mobile App device for team change

Tried to update the IOS companion today and walk through the new login. As part of it I was prompted to remove my previous mobile app device and restart HA so there aren’t duplicates. However HA wouldn’t let me delete the old devices. Basically:

“Entities can only be removed when the integration is no longer providing the entities”

So i figured maybe after I logged in and had the new “duplicate” mobile device, but no go.

So is there something I’m missing here? Should I be deleting the whole IOS companion integration and starting fresh with all the phones?


Go to the integrations page. Click on your phone name. Then click the dots in the lower right corner and click delete.



Thanks! I missed the navigation there.

I have a similar problem.
Since the last update the ios application lost connection and I had to re-enter the user. Now I have two ios devices. On the integrations page there is only one (the current one ios) on the devices page there are two, the old one (I don’t know how to delete it) and the new one that I could delete from the integrations page.
How can I delete the old ios if it doesn’t show up on the integrations page?

Same problem here