Rename entity_id for script any solutions?

Hello all,

I did some changes in my setup and now i want to change / edit the entity_id of a script. As far as i am concerned i cannot do it via the UI.

The changes that i want to make is from script.name_1 to script.name_2

I have managed to change the friendly name of the script via the GUI from Name 1 to Name 2 but is impossible to edit the the entity_id

When i navigate to the entities section is says that the entity is read-only and i cannot make any changes.

thank you in advance.


Edit the Script in the UI then click the three-dots to duplicate it and save it with your new name. You can then delete the old script.

I don’t think you can edit the entity_id of a Script from the UI as there is no unique ID.

thanks for the reply.

I have rename it manually via scripts.yaml and it looks ok. i will give it a try to see if it works

else I need to rename 18-20 scripts :frowning:

oh well if the manual renaming via .yaml is not the solution i will do the duplication and the renaming. i might need a beer for that

thanks again