Rename the Energy dashboard to "Utilities" and make it include readings for all public utility resources, including electricity, gas, heating, and water

I think the Utitlities dashboard should be for reporting about consumption very much as it does now, possibly with extra features as the Sankey Diagram.

The other tools you mention such as leak detection are indeed water specific and would not be appropriate to stuff in the energy dashboard other than a link to a specific dashboard for that.

The same could be said about electricity and gaz. With electricity peak consumption matters as that potentially cuts off your power consumption, and for heating energy sources (gaz/electricity) you might want to check if your consumption is inline with the outside temperatures (to detect something is your gaz boiler is sub-optimum or something is wrong with your isolation (thinking about open window, isolation no longer properly fixed in the attic, …), etc.).

Maybe the title should be “Utilities Metering and Costs”.

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Just adding my vote, i like the features of energy dashboard. I don’t raelly need to see it as a circle on the small chart if that is too much hassle but do want the graph of the water to be added. If only that i would already be happy. Then people could just add it as optional. (well everything is already optional…)

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+1 for a ‘utilities’ dashboard including water. Setting this up right now and at the moment I’m preferring to create my own utilities dashboard using a custom chart plugin and utility meters just because I can have it all together!
The energy dashboard is nice though; I’d like to see water tacked onto this - especially as the features it implements for energy (import, solar generation, battery storage) have water analoges (import, rainfall, tank storage) which will be of interest to many users with remote properties or self-sufficient ideals.

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Yes, having all your utilities in the same space would be great! HA’s general idea to support saving the planet should include water usage as well!

Adding water would be great! (water usage, rainfall,…)
Now, everyone is re-inventing the wheel (dutch??:wink: ) for water… Influxdb, grafana,…

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I concur, would love to add my water usage in a “Utility” screen.

In related news, the HomeWizard Energy integration has added support for Watermeters in HA 2022.8 so it also groups both Energy and Water under the same platform.

It would be nice to be able to make multiple dashboards for these utilities.
My office is at a different address than my home.
Trough VPN I can control the lighting and measure the energy consumption from home.
I have 2 gas meters, 2 electricity meters and 2 waters meters. I would love 2 dashboards.
Also interesting for people with a second / vacation home.

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I also would like to see a utility dashboard which includes water consumption.
I have also previously asked if the energy dashboard can be filtered by “area” since I have more than one location monitored by a single HA instance. This would be a useful addition to a re-vamped utility dashboard.

I as well would be in huge favor to either make it possible to make a second independ energy dashboard or add a location to the energy entities so i can decide what i want to show and make a dashboard out of that.

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I too would like to be able to add water consumption.

Yes! This would be a great feature!

+1 (already voted).
We need one place for all the utility meters and their costs for the billing cycle/history.

My main interest right now is for water but I can see other utilities that can be measured. For example, monthly internet bandwidth/traffic that leads to different pricing tiers can also be there.

Simply put, as the original author says, rename or create a Utilities page to include everything…

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Multi “Energy” dashboards was a better option


Was very sad to learn that I couldn’t add my water consumption to be monitored in the same way gas and electricity is. Would love to see this feature implemented.


Would really appreciate to include water and other ressources (not limited) in an “ressources” dashboard. Utility meter is not enough as the interest of this dashboard is to be able to analyse per different period the consumption.
In fact, I was really surprised that it was not a part of this dashboard while trying to include it in a class or something similar !

I vote for this!
Would like to add my solarboiler/woodstoveboiler as a battery to the dashboard, since its a kind of battery for heating. Also a lot of houses in the Netherlands for example are heated by a hot water network, instead of gas

This should be a priority now with the whole Russia thing.

The energy utility! dashboard needs more TLC.


I love the dashboard for electricity and would also like to track LNG and water consumption in a similar format. Thank you!

Agreed, would be good to see all costs and utilty consumption in a single dashboard :slightly_smiling_face: