Renesola Micro Replus MRG monitoring gateway - setting it up for individual inverter monitoring

I haven’t figured out how to monitor my inverters via the internet or via its ethernet port yet. But I did find out how to get the gateway to display individual inverter outputs in real time.

It’s not flash, but at least you can see what each inverter is doing, and troubleshoot if you need to. (which is what I need to do) It involves a software update of the gateway. (MRG)

Fortunately, I found a document which an engineer at ReneSola sent me back in 2016, before their unfortunate demise. It involves downloading some files from DropBox, which amazingly are still there. This update works as at 11 July 2020. What’s more, the instructions are really clear, and easy to follow.

Access the PDF here:

Unfortunately, the first link works, and the web monitoring site is still there, but you can’t actually register there.

Good luck and let me know how you get on!

I installed the updates (I had 20140822-21 installed) and the good thing is that the power readings seems to be correct now, but the bad news is that the application crashes after a while