Reolink doorbell trigger quick message

I see many are still struggling with 2 way audio on the reolink doorbell wifi or Poe.
I believe it’s probably simpler and most likely more practical for me at least to be able to trigger the prerecorded “quick message”. In fact I am already reviving nice notifications on HA companion app when the doorbell is ringed, I removed all action button from the blueprint but having these buttons trigger a quick message I prerecorded would be the killer feature for me, I doubt I’d ever want to do video conferencing with people who are at my door… Especially given how choppy and generally unreliable I observe video to be with my whole setup despite hardware acceleration…
But this thread is not to bash on those who want and work on 2 way audio, more to ask for efforts on the quick reply thing, I believe it’s a top feature if it works

Even better would be 2 way audio, which can be used as a media player target from home assistant. See the Ubiquity Unify G4 for example.

I wonder why this is missing in the reolink integration.

Maybe you can support this feature request here:

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PS: I learned you also have to vote your own feature request :sweat_smile:

Triggering quick messages is high on my list of features I want to add, unfortunately this is not yet possible in the HTTP API of the Reolink doorbells. I am in contact with a Reolink firmware engineer and they are working on adding this to the firmware, however it might be something like 2 months before this makes it into a new firmware version of the doorbell.

As soon as it is available in the firmware I will add it.

If you appreciate the reolink integration and want to support its development, please consider sponsering the upstream library or purchase Reolink products through this affiliate link.


As an alternative to the quick replies you can in home assistant enable the reolink doorbell as a media player and then have it play pre-recorded messages trough the doorbell’s speaker.
You can see here that I got this working (more or less).

Hi everybody:

A couple of weeks ago, I installed the POE version of the Reolink Doorbell. As it came with the first existing firmware version, I tried to look for the latest version (unsuccessfully on the manufacturer’s website) but I did find an unofficial repository with more recent firmware versions.

I proceeded to integrate it in HA, with the official REOLINK integration. Unfortunately, all the real time entities do not work for me, neither motion detection nor person detection, nor visitor detection (when ringing the doorbell), in the latter it stays “ON” for 1 minute by just pressing the ring call button once.

Then I decided to create the alerts through the HTTP API provided by Reolink through NodeRed.

Every 2 seconds I make a request and I know if it has detected motion, person or if the doorbell has been rung. It works much better and with much less delay.

This allows me to send my alerts via Telegram or Pushover notifications, and it works great so far.

With the official HA integration, the possibility to send an “Auto quick reply message” rarely works.

With NodeRed and via HTTP API Reolink in theory it could also be achieved, but I’m a bit lost… when reading values, I have no problem:

I do all that with an inject and http request node:

So far so good. Now the tricky part is to know how to use the “SetAudioFileList” and pass it the following message: payload[0].value.AudioFileList[3].fileName

I would like to get help on this part, since I don’t know if this “set” of the “SetAudioFileList” would be done in NodeRed with a POST or with a PUT, nor how to pass it the command to send the desired message…

Thank you in advance!

I started a feature request. Maybe joining forces and upvoting helps


Do you use duck dns? I was having this problem using duckdns as the Reolink cameras need http access to home assistant. You will need to use nginx addon to fix this.


Recently I also bought the product - like to say that it is amazing
Could you please share the code that goes through the automation in node red

No,I set up the http access into the doorbell settings. Everthing should work locally :slight_smile:

It’s not perfect, I think makes no sense, otherwise you are going to have an Unprofessional node.

I’ve got the doorbell and the integration all setup. …but the visitor sensor is delayed by 10 seconds or so. Is this normal? or have I goofed up a setting somewhere?


Actually no, that is not normal, the delay should be well below 1 second.
Do you have internet blocked to the doorbell?
There is a known bug in the current firmware that can cause such delays if the doorbell cant send out the push to the reolink servers on the internet.
There is also some beta firmware from Reolink support that apperently fixes the problem.
More info here: Reolink Motion is 10 Seconds LATE. · Issue #92559 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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Thanks for the quick response. I don’t have it blocked but do have Push notifications turned off. I’ll give hte firmware a try, and will let you know.

Update: nothing has worked…so I reached out to ReoLink support for any beta that might fix this.

Thanks again!

Got the firmware update, and all is good now.

Thanks again,

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Triggering quick messages is high on my list of features I want to add

Love this. Can’t wait until this all comes together. Using Reolink events to trigger Home Assistant automations has been magic for me. My dream is to use mobile notifications with actions to pick the quick response based on the visitor.

Thanks for your work on this @starkillerOG, enjoy the coffee via Github Sponsors.

@AdamTReineke Thank you very much for sponsering, much appreciated!

I have put in another inquirey with my Reolink contact to ask when the new firmware for triggering quick replay messages will be available.
If I hear more, I will let you know.


Would you mind asking for the full duplex audio interface as well?

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I hope your contact isn’t called Wilson though…