Repeat command on hold button for things like Volume Control?

I searched for this and might be missing if it is discussed elsewehere.

Just wondering if repeat commands on hold for things like Volume Control and such is on the cards?
(pun intended;)
I am working on swipe based iPhone/Android remotes for Home Theatre and find HA has really become a good option for this. Only main things missing are swipe gestures and repeat on hold as discussed here.
If there is a workaround I would appreciate a hint too. Many thanks.

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, but I think this is related:

In short, what you are actually looking for is a “release event”. For as far as I know, there is no such event in de lovelace/dashboard cards. In my experience actual trigger is on release. So I think the only way to go at the moment is to tab it again on stop, or use a slider of any kind.

From a hardware point of view. I know the IKEA Symfonisk Gen 1 has a ‘rotation stopped’ event, but it’s hardware specific. From a Zigbee perspective I assume having it sending all the time isn’t a good practice. So a start and stop event makes sense.

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Yes, thanks for a very through response!. Understood. It seems like an obvious thing to add if possible at some point. Many thanks again!