Button Push Release

Hi, I would like that implement a button that having this function.

On, Off, and Push Release.

For example:

On: light On
Off: Light Off
Push: increment/decrement, dim+/dim- or send IR command progressive.
Release: Stop function.

more details
Tap: On
Tap again: Off
Hold Button: Push
Release Button: Stop

If you have a smart button, at least this is the case with the ZigBee buttons I have, you can setup an automation to do that as the buttons support push/hold/release. I’m not clear on what it is that you want Home Assistant to support as this would be a hardware & automation setup that you can already accomplish.

No, I’m not talking about hardware, but rather about software, a virtual button that has those privileges to use it in any situation

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OK, I would change your title and request because it sounds like you want an Input Helper that functions that way. It’s important to be detailed when putting out feature requests.

I’m not sure how much interest this sort of request would have given this can be accomplished with 2 helpers right now. The fact that you want dimming would still be up to you to hook up the automations with helpers.

I think there is similar (or the same) requests already: Front end button release event
@timnolte - can you share more info how to achieve it with 2 helpers right now ?

Yes, is same action.