Replace GPIO control by remote_rpi_gpio

I have a RPI4 with the HA operating system.

I had a fan to control the temperature of the CPU using CPU temperature reading and making a kind of PWM control with HA, just followed this link

Since GPIO is no longer available, I placed the fan connected to 5V pins and it is working 24/7.

I just started to read about remote_rpi_gpio, and start wondering if I can use it to control my RPI4 GPIO pointing the IP address to localhost.

I’ved to follow the configuration guide and I had no sucess, I need further reading and trying.

Did anyone used remote_rpi_gpio to replace old GPIO control?
Should I keep digging or does not make any sense waste time here?

Plenty of people are using remote_gpio successfully.

If you want to control a CPU fan with this, create a GPIO switch and then create a generic thermostat to control the fan gpio switch.


This is already what I have and is not working anymore due since RPI_GPIO was removed since Home Assistant Core 2022.6. I noticed that remote_rpi_gpio is developed from RPI_gpio, so I’m wondering if this will work.

I made some trials with no sucess.

So, I found myself a easy solution after looking into several entries in this forum.

I have installed HACS and I’m using RPI_GPIO integration same as before.
Clean and easy to change