Replacing 2 wall switches with 1

So i have been thinking about this for a long time. Our builder used two switches to control a fan. One is for the light, the other is just to turn it off or on.

I want to replace it with a smart switch that can do both, control the speed and dim the lights if needed. Obviously if I replace the 2, with one switch, I have space left for one switch. I dont want to use a oversized plate, or a plate that covers that hole up because it looks ugly. So I was thinking if maybe installing a controller switch that can connect to Home Assistant and execute an action (example all lights off, or on etc).

I have been searching for a solution for a long time, but I am not able to find anything close to what I want. I can’t be the only one having this requirement.

Anyone else has encountered this? Or any suggestion?

Have you considered the Shelly 2?

Control both with a single switch and keep the current switches in place.

2 Home3 Buttonpage

Little expensive, but fancy…

It also has 2 relays, which you can operate from the panel (or HA)
Actually, you can also use them as detached switches.

And as side bonus, with the touch panel you can operate almost all ha entities :grin:

Where are you in the world please? (e.g. 110V 240V neutral to the switch or only ceiling rose…)

I’d use a Shelly or Sonoff with two relays flashed with Tasmota and installed in the ceiling loop plate with momentary switches triggering different timers.

Relays can’t dim (my own en suite has a dimmer so 0230 trips to the loo have 10% light to retain my retinas :flushed:) but such kit can be triggered by switch inputs or a separate PIR.

You might have a look at these. I’m not sure I understand how your fan speeds are controlled, so this might not fit the bill. However, these are some interesting devices. This would require a bit of hacking on your part, however, these are some of the most customizable wall switches I’ve seen. Not sure your geo-location, right now there is a not a USA size, only Euro dimensions. However, I understand they are going to bring these out for USA market as well. The price point for these switches is pretty reasonable. These are ‘switch’ devices, not dimmers. However, I understand you can run in ‘disconnect’ mode with a smart bulb in the fan and a remote fan controller located in fan. And as is shown, you can intercept different types presses and swipes. Good hunting!

There are also a number of high function switches with LCD displays.

Thanks! This looks interesting and saves me the effort of replacing all switches with smart switches. Thanks!

This looks really interesting and fancy. Would be amazing to have in the living room!

Probably should have mentioned that :slight_smile: 110v with natural wire

Well…they are available in both EU (220v) as well as US (110v) variety :wink: