[REQUEST] ha-bridge (HA Bridge) addon for Hass.io?

Anyone planning on making a “ha-bridge” addon for Hass.io (similar to that of the homebridge addon)?

Using ha-bridge users could quite simple gain basic lighting control of Home Assisight devices through any app or system that supports the Philips Hue Hubs.

This means that if all you need to basic lighting controls for Home Assisight devices then you could present it a Philips Hue Hub instead of using Home Assisight own API or a MQTT bridge.

Example. if you like to connect Samsung SmartThings Hub to Home Assisight, to control Home Assisight with Samsung SmartThings Hub / App.

ha-bridge (short for “home automation bridge” by bwssytems is a low footprint software that emulates a Philips Hue Hub and can control other systems such as a Vera, Harmony Hub, Nest, MiLight bulbs or any other system that has an http/https/tcp/udp interface.

ha-bridge emulate the Philips Hue API to other home automation gateways such as example Amazon Echo, Google Home, Harmony Hub, and Samsung SmartThings Hub, or other systems that support connecting to Philips Hue Hub. The Bridge handles basic commands such as “On”, “Off” and “brightness” commands of the hue protocol.

Emulated_Hue, which is a home assistant component, does what you are asking for. I do not think there is any real need of ha-bridge anymore.

Of course there is a need to continuing use ha-bridge, becouse emulated_hue does not passthrough commands to the original hue bridge. For people, using Logitech Harmony, there is a big problem. The Harmony Hub can only pair with one bridge. So, we need ha-bridgt, pair it with the Harmony Hub and in ha-bridge, you can add the hardware hue brige.

I am new to Home Assistant, but I’ve been loving HA Bridge as a trigger for my Airfoil speakers. I will have to do some testing to see if Emulated_Hue will work for the same purpose. I hadn’t thought about using the HA Bridge to pass through the physical Hue hub so that my Harmony setup can access everything together. I added my hue lights to the living room harmony hub and my HA Bridge speakers to the bedroom harmony hub as a way to get around the one Hub hub limitation for each harmony hub.

After going through git, I find this necessary and after failing multiple attempts to make emulated_hue working in Home assistant and wanted to install this. But later I found that I’m using hass.io version where every component managed by add-ons and no root access for admin to change file system or create/modify system files. :frowning:

Looks like there is no easy and cheap way to control HA entities with Echo.