REQUEST: Hidden Pages

I’ve been developing my lovelace to specific devices and different rooms but the one thing that’s bugging me is that I can’t hide a page at the top bar of the lovelace menu.

For example I have an iPad with a different dashboard that sits near my door, I would like to hide that dashboard and just have a link to it hidden within my other pages to de-clutter the top bar.

I know you can kind of do it by adding it with a blank icon but I think it would look more elegant to add the option of hiding it when creating the page.

Have you looked at the custome compact header

I wasn’t aware this offered this feature!
I will certainly look at this, I still think it’s a small feature that would greatly improve the basic lovelace experience.


Just looking at the CCH, I’ve hidden some pages but it keeps re-directing me back to my original page?
Do you know of a work-around for this?

EDIT: Works on iPhone just not on Chrome…

Try the visible option under views