Restrict "View" access per user account

Allow a specific user account to access only a certain Views through the UI, and nothing else.

I don’t want all users (i.e., non-admin accounts) to be able to control all devices and automations in my HASSIO installation. A convenient way to manage this would be to have the ability to grant UI access permissions at the View level.

You might want to check out Compact Custom Header. That will allow you to restrict Lovelace views based on user account.

This was mentioned in the ‘thinking big’ blog from HA a while back:

  • Permissions. Using the same user and context features, we will also be able to limit access to entities to users.

I would also like to see such a feature, I believe it’s being done, as you can already have admin and non-admin users.

Not quite the same. In my opinion, given that the UI is structured using Views, permissions at the “View” level is much more convenient and intuitive than permissions at the entity level.

I like to see this feature too, so I can make sure the kids are not starting to play with each others room-lights, etc :smile:

From my perspective the ideal way is to link the views to a person, like you already (can) do for device tracking.

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Any news on this issue? I would also like to place an iPad for the kids to toggle outside lights and what not. But I don’t want them messing with certain lights and other controls.

AFAIK this is now part of standard lovelace…

You could use AppDaemon with customised Dashboard to achieve that.