Revamped Lovelace Screens [Updated 15/5/19]

Ok so I shared a few screenshots of some of my new cleaner looking lovelace and there has been a bit of interest so here are my latest screens. It is still a work in progress as need to complete Fitness, weather and energy consumptions tabs but this should keep those that requested busy until I finish those.

Those of you that still use config from my Rounded Lovelace the configuration is still on my repo just moved to ui-lovelace-rounded.yaml.

Update 15/5/19

Added a Power Consumption Lovelace Tab there are multiple methods as to how I got consumption into this so feel free to ask and I can explain. Will update repo just now with config used.

Here is my repo for configuration let me know your feedback it is welcome and feel free to share your ideas always looking for additions.


Some inspiration there Jim, will be going through your github

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Wow… Very nice… I will overtake one or two of your ideas. Thanks

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Dude. That looks proper mint. Inspiration taken. Thanks

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I’m just blown away… I really like this and it like you took it directly from my mind.

One question though @jimpower :

    - type: entities
      show_header_toggle: false
        - binary_sensor.alarm
        - binary_sensor.smoke_sensor_158d0001b8ddc7
        - binary_sensor.smoke_sensor_158d0001b8deba
        - type: divider
        - binary_sensor.doors
        - binary_sensor.garage
        - type: divider
        - binary_sensor.trash
        - binary_sensor.recycle

How do you get that part transparent?

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@Yoinkz The transparency comes from the theme applied you could do it with custom:card-modder if you wish to do it on a card by card basis. Look into a package on my repo called theme_control

I will try this one. Created a folder named packages and placed the theme_control.yaml file there.
How do I then apply the midnight theme? Does it automatically link it to “Themes” under the user and then Themes, when Hassio has been rebooted? (Sorry never tried it before).

Literally signed up so that I can say how impressed I am with your setup there Jim. Having only gotten into HA a few months ago, I’m impressed to see how many fellow Aussies are using it, and thankfully sharing their setup. As someone already mentioned, definitely some inspiration there!


@Yoinkz ok if you have never used packages before you will need to enable them under your configuration.yaml

  packages: !include_dir_named packages

Next add the folder called packages in your config folder

within the theme_control.yaml package there is an automation to call the theme upon restart

  - alias: 'Set Theme to Midnight'
    initial_state: 'on'
    - platform: homeassistant
      event: start
    - service: frontend.set_theme
        name: midnight

So the benefit of doing this, would be that you can save everything that is related to that package in one yaml file (sensors, automations etc.) instead of the way I do it now - standard I think, by having all automations in one automation file and all sensors in one sensor file?

… and Voila, now transparent cards! AMAZING! Will ask more questions, but I just want to thank you for taking the time to help :blush:!!!

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Thanks for the kind words glad you get inspiration thats the whole point my aim is to have others share there takes on it or what they have done to give me inspiration also. There is a fairly decent Aussie contingent on here now which is awesome.

Yeah basically you will get to a point where those files become massive and you have to shift through 100’s or in my case 1000’s of lines of code to find them it just makes sense to have all those related to certain functions together especially when you need to fault find. I don’t have alot of yaml automations as I moved them all over to Node-RED over a year ago now so I might be a bit rusty with yaml automations.

Can you perhaps upload the latest _7.jpg picture of the vacum cleaner?

RoboVac Pic

Updated NAS Card

Dude this is amazing. Shamelessly stealing all of it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. Looks great

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Well done… That looks really good. Thanks for taking the time to share.

QUESTION - Does it scale very well?

At the moment I only have 1 touchpanel mounted in my house which is a RP 7" Touchscreen, just wondering if I’d be able use it. Hopefully in the next week or so I’ll be able to give it a go.

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I have different views for different devices by using custom:compact-header, generally anything with pictures doesn’t scale to well unless they are embedded into another card but the scaling will be different for the picture compared to any other custom component you also have in that card. So on a certain scale my bar_cards will perfectly align with a picture but if I view on mobile they may not. You can always just adjust the padding or use custom:gap-card to fix for you tablet screen resolution. Let me know if you wan’t help with this when you get your tablet.

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Hey @jimpower,

great new look! It’s always an inspiration for design and tech solutions! Thanks for that!
One question: which is the clock-card you use? I don’t find it in your github repo?