Revogi Smart Power Strip

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Hey there,
I’ve recently gotten myself a Revogi Power Strip and I want to share some informations about it.
First of all you shouldn’t use it with their Cloud System because every thing is unecrypted. To use it with HASS I’ve created a simple Shell Script with that I can use the built-in LAN port and it doesn’t Connect itself to the cloud-server. If anyone want’s the script, i can upload it and give you some advice.

The Strip is really hacker-friendly because it has a telnet-server and is running rlx-linux, but the downside of this is that the strip is open like a barn-door.

I’ve also created a component for HASS. I don’t know if it’s coded how it should be but it works. Maybe someone can give me some advice.

Greets Julian


Unencrypted… So much for the Internet of Things. LOL :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. Might buy that smart powerstrip one day.

Yep, that’s exactly what I thought, but if you hack it it’s an awesome powerstrip.

is it made by broadlink?

I think it’s made by realtek because it has a realtek cpu and rlx-linux.
But I’m not shure.

I just bought the power Strip. I wanted a watt-meter. Controlling the power is a welcome addition but the fact that the android app wants access to EVERYTHING (including audio, camera, a.s.o.) is a disappointment. Also the fact that it has to connect to Revogi server and also requiring me to give up my router password through the app add-up to that.

I found your comments here and the HASS script. However, what I really am interested in is your Shell Script and the advice :slight_smile:

Thank you

90 Euro???

In fact 85 Euro. In Conrad

Sorry I would pay 20-30 not more. To me is a way overpriced object

Sadly I don’t have much time at the moment, but as soon as possible I write a little tutorial.

Thank you !
I’ll be glad to read your info and notes on this.
Do I need a Linux distro to control and communicate with the power strip ?

check broadlink mp1

Ok Guys it’s been a while, but finally I can give you a little Tutorial to use the strip with Hass.
One thing I have to say it currently works only with the build in LAN-Port.

DISCLAIMER: If you break your strip, I don’t take any responsebility.

  1. You want to have the strip unconfigured so it broadcasts the Revogi Wifi.
  2. You need a Computer with wifi and a telnet-client.
  3. Connect your Device with the Revogi Wifi and make a telnet connection to the ip of the strip. Username is root.
  4. go to /etc/init.d/ and make a file (I named mine “anti-revogi”) with this content:
#! /bin/sh

#check if udhcpd is running
while :
resUDHCPC=`ps -aux | grep "udhcpc"`
resUDHCPD=`ps -aux | grep "udhcpd"`

if [ "${resUDHCPD}" ]; then
killall udhcpd

if ! [ "${resUDHCPC}" ]; then
udhcpc -i br0 -p /var/run/ -s /etc/udhcpc.script

if [ "${resUDHCPC}" ] && ! [ "${resUDHCPD}" ]; then
brctl delif br0 wlan0
ifconfig wlan0 down


5 . go to /etc/ and open the file inittab. Now you add at the end of it:

# Start the anti-revogi script

your file should now look like:

# Boot-time system configuration/initialization script.

# Start an shell on the console (whatever that may be)

# Always Start an process on the console

# Start the anti-revogi script

6 . Now you plug a networkcable, with a dhcp-server in the network active, in and reboot the strip.
7. Setup your Hass with the provided component and enjoy your strip.

Greets Julian

Sorry that I answer now, but I just missed your comment.

No you don’t need an linux distro for the strip. You just need a telnet-client and a bit linux know-how would make things simpler.

Where do i need to putt the home assistant component to make it work? I’m new to HASS (I’m using Hassio) and i have no idea where the python script needs to go.

I don’t know it with but it should be something like <config_dir>/custom_components/switch/

Hope that helps.

Spanks! I’ll give it a try

Sorry it should be <config_dir>/custom_components/switch/

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Fantastic. Thank you. I’ll give it a try.

I’m in switzerland. Max Heuri is providing Revogi OEM devices under the name MaxSmart.

I’m currently using their cloud ,but I managed to find the API for on/off, and now I want to extend my use to Home Assistant and get rid of the stupid badly develop app. :slight_smile:

My article is in french but google transalates it fine :wink:

By the way, I just realize there are huge differences between the MaxSmart and the Revogi.

  1. The MaxSmart plugs do not run on WIFI, but on PowerLAN
  2. The MaxSmart Application does NOT need Internet to be connected. The appilcation communicates directly with the devices if the cloud is not connected. This a very very GOOD POINT (Thank you Max Heuri)

I found out anyway that these are Revogi devices by looking up on the MAC vendor.

Therefore, with the MaxSmart devices, their might not be any need to hack into the devices to disable wifi and cloud connection. Also, I would be curious if any Revogi user would try the MaxSmart application (I use it on Android) to see if it can see and command the native revogi devices. Would be helpful for you all Revogi users.