RFlink (or any other) switch into sensor

Hi. I have rflink based switch. In fact the device is motion sensor but there is no way how to create motion sensor in RFlink component. Can I hide this switch and turn it into motion sensor?
I mean something like binary sensor (which has: motion: On means motion detected).

I mean something like in this post - please check image showing 2 motion sensors with running man icons. https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/4323/remove-duplicated-mysensors-in-homeassistant-front-end

Maybe I could set binary sensor based on rflink event or switch state change? Or maybe rflink to mqtt (realized inside raspberry where runs HA)?

Sadly, it is not possible yet. There is an issue open on github . Hopefully someone who understands developing around rflink can add support for it, perhaps @aequitas :slight_smile:

Here is the feature request:

I got some idea for workaround from here: