RFPlayer support on HA (433 and 868MhZ )


I just discovered this preorder RFPlayer (translate it to understand) and want to know if it should be “soon” supported by HA : http://rfplayer.com/

With pleasure to know it when available.

Have a nice day :wink:


We have an API available for the RFPLAYER (www.rfplayer.com) so we just need a developer ready to develop the HA Plugin.

If you want to get the API technical specs please contact us at [email protected]

The ZiBlue Team

I’m a developers and interested by your rfplayer. ( a lot of deltadore stuff)
If you send me a free rfplayer, i will try to develop the hass plugin : )
Have a nice day.

Hi @max5962 and @ziblue , is there any advance in the integration of RFPlayer in home assitant?

No news from @ziblue

I have the device and it is working very well with Jeedom, it will be nice to have it available in HA… is there any way I can help with the integration?

If you are a developer you could start the development.
If not @ziblue I could start the development but I need a rfplayer :slight_smile:

Sorry to re-pop this topic !
I’m trying to move from Jeedom to HA and now I’m facing that the RFplayer integration is not done …

I’ve some X2D wireless heater.

I can provide some stuff like what plugin I’m using now on Jeedom.

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Some people did see that ? It may help


It seems you can find the RFPlayer API on this using this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwZyGxESbZNpYmFOVmNZZHlRd0E

I found it on a french forum.

Best regards,

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Intresting ! I’m not enought good in dev to work on a plugin to support it sadlly … :frowning:

Any good news on this dev?

some fresh updates on this thread : Ziblue RFPlayer RFP1000

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