I am very new to HA, and what I want to build is a lamp for my bedside table. With this I plan to wake up. now I am picking RGBW because the white color reproduction so just like Hue, I would have an RGB color wheel and a kelvin wheel. I need help with the MQTT part and I want to know how well the color wheels would work. thanks!

Most of what you need is already here:

And here you’ll find the hardware part:

For the color wheel you’ll have to create an app that publish message to MQTT.
Home-assistant comes with a color picker.

Thanks, But mine is RGBW not RGB what should I do with the white channel?

MQTT JSON Light already support the white channel so you can use that. I’ve used it on one of my project and it work just fine.

You would activate the RGB and White channel like so:

  - platform: mqtt_json
    name: mqtt_json_light_1
    state_topic: "home/rgb1"
    command_topic: "home/rgb1/set"
    brightness: true
    rgb: true
    white_value: true

Thanks, for further instructions I will use BRUH

FYI I have taken the BRUH code and made a RGBW version using the SK6812RGBW addressable LEDs


Thanks man! But I will be using analog strips though…

I would like to ask a simple question. Did someone integrate fibaro rgbw controller through smartthings with this component. I’ve been struggling with this a long time.

It should just work out of the box? Z-wave right?

Yes, the lights work but i cant change the color through home assistant, i was also reading that some folks had problems with the z wave stick, this fibaro controllers and home assistant.

I have. Zwave fibaro RGB controller can send u my setup if needed

That would be awesome if u could send me. Just to see what i did wrong. Because now i ditched smartthings for zwave and have an aeonlabs zwave stick

Für me it shows multiple entity_id just take the first one.there should be the color picker available

P.S. the led garden is another strip :wink:

And I don’t use smart things … Sorry I over read this part in the first instance

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Okay that makes sense. Because now that i have the z wave usb stick, its no problem at all, i also got these 5 entries for the light and one has a color picker. But i couldnt figure it out with smartthings and mqtt bridge.

Just another quick question. Do yo know maybe which slider is the white color, Because in the entity that has the color picker, the colors work great, But i get just some rgb values from it and it doesnt have another white slider, like a hues lightstrip.

Oh my you have just made my day… thank you! I will go buy some SK6812’s now!! as I need real white in the kitchen!


with further consideration, and price spying, I have decided I will be using the SK6812RGBW chips, thanks @DotNetDann!!

ok I have a question about your wiring diagram, if you don’t mind?

Do you really need the logic shifter as I don’t have any in my 3 BRUH LED strips and they are all 5-8m long.

Will this work with WS2812B?

Yes. The ESP8244 is 3.3v logic and the strip needs at least 3.7v.
There is a trick that uses the first pixel as a level shiftier but I have not tried that.

It will work but the colors will be out of order as they take 3 packets not 4.
Just use the BRUH code instead.