RGBWW Led Strip: Can I Sync Music via ESPHome?

Thanks to @nickrout I am in the midst of creating an audio signal sensor on an ESP32, which seems to be able to detect dB (or some measurement of “sound level”).

I will be using the same ESP32 to drive an RGBWW strip. Is there a script I could add to the ESPHome config to sync the LED strip with the readings on the audio GPIO input? Maybe some Lambda effects with a very short update_interval?

If audio sync’d LED’s is your end goal then I would suggest using ‘Sound Reactive WLED’ instead of ESPhome. It’s currently a fork of regular WLED but the upcoming version 14 is going to have that included as standard. The beta is already available.

Thank you @sparkydave. I’ll give that a look. I would prefer to not need a second microcontroller just for arduino code (I need to use ESPHome for other devices in the same project). I believe arduino libraries can be embedded into an ESPHome config, and if so I should be all set. I have ordered an MSGEQ7 and I see that I’m not the first to go this route.