Ring Doorbell

I know it’s possible to integrate a ring with IFTTT, but it has horrible latency which pretty much makes the integration pointless.

Ring don’t have an official API, but there are projects which have reverse-engineered it in PHP and in [Ruby] (https://github.com/krazerxz/ring-api).

A native HASS component for the button push & motion sensor with real-time updating would be great. At the moment it looks like video won’t be possible.


I recreated it today, because I received a replacement… When you create this in IFTTT, it said: This Applet can be delayed by up to an hour

This is so pointless to use it. Anyway, I dont like to use IFTTT, because they have such a long delay, and not only with this…

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What about using the unofficial AP to make a simple sensor:

Anyone know the viability of using this with a Wink hub connected to Home Assistant?

I use Ring connected to my SmartThings hub and it works incredibly well with little to no lag (I get a native alert from the Ring app and immediately receive one via my notify.notify / automation I have setup).

Can you explain how you set this up?

I have my Ring Doorbell added to my SmartThings account (it’s a ‘Thing’ available in the app). I then use MQTT and the SmartThings MQTT Bridge to connect the Doorbell to Home Assistant and make it available for automations and visible within the UI.

Thank you. I was having issues setting up the bridge. I have it running in HA, and have it as a device and device handler in ST. I am not seeing anything happen when I sub to mosquitto_sub -d -u pi -P xxxxxxx -t smartthings/#. I even went into smartthis app and added it to the MQTT bridge, but ST isn’t communicating with HA at the moment. I’m not sure why.

did you configure the SmartApp to push values for your desired ‘Things’? You need to enable the bridge SmartApp to push the states to MQTT - so initially and then each time you add a new device.

I am not sure what you mean by “push desired values”. In the MQTT Smartapps, I selected everything I could all the way down. See screens shot.

That looks right. Does your Mqtt server receive any messages? Logs from Mqtt, bridge, and config?

Hello guys,

I’ve started creating a sensor for Ring doorbell. Besides having a binary sensor to report motion detection, when someone rang the doorbell, I’m also trying to get and display on HA frontend the latest video captured too.

Besides that, is there anything else you guys think would be helpful?

I believe by the end of week I might a beta/preview code and I would more than happy to share with you all with you want to test.

Thank you.


Live view (on demand), maybe?


Yes, good idea. I think it would fall into camera component. Thanks @kylerw

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I think this will only work on hardwired Rings though, not on the battery operated ones. I’m on the Ring Explorer program and when I asked them about this in future updates, they said that they’re still considering how to implement this without killing the battery.

It would be awesome to be wrong about this though!!

I’m currently using this with Wink and after @w1ll1am23’s refactoring of the code I now have a sensors for the button and motion. But I’d prefer to go ‘native’ since having it Wink doesn’t do a whole lot for me. I would be glad to test this for you, both with it in Wink and after removing it. Just let me know.

@rpitera interesting… Thanks for sharing it. I assume you have the battery powered ones, right?

It would be nice to have you testing it for sure. I’ll let you know once I have the module.


Yep. Battery powered here. Also I don’t use the motion detector notification as much because a false positives from vehicles going by on the street, but I may use it more if I could control it with HA. I’ll certainly turn it on for testing!

Thank you for your code contributions! This will be yet another place where your contributions have affected me directly and I really appreciate it!

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This is definitely one thing I’m missing in my Home Assistant setup. :slight_smile: I was planning on reverse-engineering it myself but since @tchellomello is already working on one I guess I’ll wait for that … Count me in if you want someone to test it.

However I still plan to reverse engineer it at one point so I can somehow trigger the liveview and hopefully be able to redirect the video storage to my own server rather than their Amazon account :slight_smile:

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Well I can tell you that what I tested for him so far works!

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