Ring live view

I would welcome some help. I have the lifestream working fine in VLC, but not in HA, also want to add multiple ring cameras.


@samceccola Did you figure out your issue? I am at the same position. I have the VLC stream working but can’t get it to display in HA. Maybe we need ffmpeg installed or something?

I am also interested in multiple cameras but I am confused over the configuration options for that.

So I have the livestream functioning, but its not really “live”. There seems to be some pretty bad lag. I’m playing the stream through VLC live.

Any ideas? I have the ring integration install in HA, do I need to remove that?

Same issue as Brett, 5 sec and then buffers. Also, any idea on how to configure multiple camera.

Following this as I’m looking for a smart doorbell to buy and integrate. I thought the ring video couldn’t be viewed live. Only from app. So that seems to have changed.

Is there anyway to have this work for HACS? I am running HASS container.

Just add the HACS folder into the config and setup the configuration as it says above in OP.

I wouldn’t recommend Ring. They work hard to force users to get expensive cloud solution plans or their accessories (like a chime). Way to greedy.

I don’t know if any alternative — but if there aren’t any cheaper options available, they should come soon.

Another thing, when hard wired it doesn’t run on the wire but on the battery that is charged from the hard wire. When it’s cold outside it will need to be recharged manually inside too.

I’m having an issue getting the live video to show up. I get the webpage at http://homeassistant.local:3000/index.html to load but the video never loads. When I check the logs in HA I see:
Started server, listening on port 3000.

(node:197) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: Cannot read property 'streamVideo' of undefined
    at /ring-hassio/ring_hassio/livestream.js:194:53
    at step (/ring-hassio/ring_hassio/livestream.js:34:23)
    at Object.next (/ring-hassio/ring_hassio/livestream.js:15:53)
    at fulfilled (/ring-hassio/ring_hassio/livestream.js:6:58)

And when I request the stream.m3u8 file I receive the following:

socket 0 opened
requested uri: /index.html
requested uri: /public/stream.m3u8
mapped filename: public/stream.m3u8
file not found: public/stream.m3u8

This is the entirety of my configuration.yaml file for the ring app:

###          Ring Settings        ###
  username: !secret ring_username
  password: !secret ring_password
  - platform: generic
    name: Ring Livestream
    stream_source: http://homeassistant.local:3000/public/stream.m3u8
    still_image_url: http://homeassistant.local:3000/public/stream.m3u8

Could someone point me to what I am missing.

EDIT: I figured out that the name in the configuration tab in HA has to match the name I named my ring integrations when I loaded the ring app in HA. Once I did that I could see the video stream. But I can only see one camera at a time.

Is it possible to have multiple tiles showing the cameras in multiple locations.

Update: I can get the camera to work in VLC but I am unable to get the video to show in HA. Is there somewhere easy to look to see what could be stopping HA from rendering the video stream.

Things are now working, solution, paid for ring pro and all of a sudden I saw two new camera entities and I can see the last video/recording taken by my doorbell and flood light cam.

Hi there,

I was finally able to get this installed but now I’m not getting motion notifications at all. I looked at my ring app history and noticed that it shows that live view is being accessed all the time which is preventing the notifications because it thinks someone is watching. Has anyone else came across this issue?

Thank you,

Do yu have multiple Ring cameras and if so how did you to stream each camera??

Is the IP of the Camera or Home Assistant box? If the IP is for the HA box, how does it know which camera is which?

Is it expected to make a doorbell not send notifications and for the blue light to spin for ages when I use the add-on?

Great AddOn but can only get one of my two cameras working… I read through all the post and tried the two camera generic and that doesn’t work for me… Both cards point to the front camera not front and back like I configured.


$100 a year for fire, police, flood, panic, etc is a deal…

@joengelhart It’s not what you get for the price, it’s how they go about it forcing you to “bend the knee” to use the products you already own and have been using for years. Nobody told us back in 2017 that we were going to have to pay for a subscription just to be able to review past/missed doorbell rings and motion events. Just like nobody told us (other than maybe the fine print in the ToC’s that nobody reads before purchasing, if ever) that using the Ring app would automatically update the devices to this forced obsolescent state.

Listen, I get it that it costs money to host our video. However, if that becomes too expensive for them to maintain with the initial purchase price alone, then the right thing for them to do should have been to provide us with a self-hosting option for those of us that run a NAS or NVR. It’s just disgraceful how they operate, and the quality of the product and software improvements has ground to a glacial pace since Amazon acquired them in 2018…

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I just got this setup and am looking for a way to see 2 ring doorbell cams in HA, are you saying that once you subscribed to ring pro, you were about to use multiple cameras using this plugin in HA?

i just scrolled to the bottom of this and i still cant get this to work
i just have a unlimited spinning circle of doom