Ring Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Contact Sensor - does this work with HA?

I’m looking for an inexpensive door/window switch that is also compact, something like the Ring Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Contact Sensor. I have a z-wave USB stick and a Zooz 4-in-1 sensor connected through HA. Has anyone successfully connected one of the Ring contact sensors to HA using a z-wave USB stick?

There is a Hass.io add-on that that can access the Ring sensors, but it requires the Ring Alarm hub.

I tried the Ring motion sensor but gave up. Either HA could not detect any motion or I had a bad unit.

Thanks, bosborne, I think I’ll wait until the Ring platform is more developed within HA. Any recommendations for compact door/window contact switches (WiFi or z-wave) that work with HA?

I have not used any contact switches.
I normally check to see if something is supported by openzwave. I recently bought a motion sensor from China and that is the criteria I used.
I am a little concerned with the new tariff law because I have some z-wave plugs in transit.

You can also search here.

these will work:


I got a 4 pack last year and they are still working great. I don’t remember them being that expensive tho.

Thanks finity, I’ve seen these. How do you have them integrated into HA? Did they pair well with a z-wave USB device or WeMo bridge? Any complications?

they are paired directly to my Aeotec USB Z Stick.

As far as I can remember there wasn’t any issues getting them paired but that was quite a while ago and I’ve slept once since then. :slightly_smiling_face:

Has anyone had any luck using the zwave Ring sensors direct to HA? I have a HUSBZB-1 network in HA that I can add the sensor to with a custom device xml but cannot seem to get the device to properly add to the network even with a secure add. The device just stays asleep forever when added to my network. The LED also goes red at the end of the join process which according to the docs is a self destruct, whatever that means.

Hoping someone out there may have had better luck than I.

Recently purchased RING window/door sensors, as they were the only ones available at the time, seeing they were Zwave didn’t give a second thought.

Well when I paired and saw the "Unknown " tags started to get worried, but after further testing (openzwave beta integration) THEY do work, albeit not like the other contact sensors I have they report safe/unsafe but fyi RING contact sensors are now working