Rinnai Heating/Cooling Wifi Module

Rinnai/Brivis have finally released their wifi module and app found here
I have no coding knowledge but would love to help in any way to create a component. This is possibly only relevant for Australian users.

@mitchmario I assume no one knows about this yet. I only found out about this existing by seeing your post. Might go buy one, unfortunately I don’t have the know-how to create a component.

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Yeah we’re going to have to wait for someone who has a Brivis system and coding knowledge. Up vote the post and hopefully more people see it!

Have you already got the unit?
I just ordered one today, so hopefully will get it in the next few days.

No I haven’t ordered one yet, waiting for an eBay promo. Best price I could find was $350?
EDIT: $328 on eBay right now. Might pull the trigger

I got quoted $250 from the dude who supplied all my split systems.
I have emailed him to confirm it and order it.

Would you mind messaging me his company email?

+1 Knackers $250 is a great price. Please share your contact.

I will. I am picking it up today, so once I confirm it is the correct item I will share. I don’t want to inundate them with orders and then it turns out to be the wrong item, that would be painful for everyone.

Ok. Confirmed it is the right kit.
Australian climate systems in chirnside park Victoria.
Cost me $255.

Great find! Let us know how you go setting it up

Installing was easy. I have a nc6 controller. No cables supplied with that one. Just got a speaker cable and used that to wire it. Wouldn’t connect to my pixel3 phone, used an iPad to set it up.
Short of that. All up and going in 30 minutes.

Excellent. I will order one and as soon as I get it I will try and capture the API calls from the app with something like Android Snopper. Then I believe it is a matter of taking those calls and creating a climate component, probably by taking and editing a similar climate component. Can you tell if it can operate without internet? As in local connection only

Yeah, looks like it is both local and internet.

So I just discovered it has a web gui.
Once installed you can browse to the IP and it will bring up a web gui called “mysimplelink”
It uses the mysimplelink.net webgui, which if you google you will see a heap of devices use it. So i am hopeful this means we might get somewhere with this.

Awesome that will help a lot I imagine. Instead of snooping an app I can snoop the web gui with a chrome add on like this. If you have time, see if anything interesting comes up. Lets say when you adjust the temp you see a GET or POST request, you can copy that request url and create a command in Home Assistant with the Rest Component

Also keen to see this module. :slightly_smiling_face:. But it might be a little while before I purchase. So might not be able help out with developing it.

Love this community though.

Thanks for the contact. They had one left and the price went up from $255 to $295 between holds. Still a good price but I couldn’t meet their hold conditions.

Yeah, I think I got mates rates.

I’m picking up mine this week from Alder Heating and Air Conditioning
Pakenham VIC for $275. Was the cheapest I found out of 20 places in the South East.