Risco alarm system


this post is for anyone who has a Risco Integration (https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/risco/).

Since I am planning to change my alarm system, I’m thinking to go with Risco.
First of all, I would like to know if, as of today, this integration works well or has some problems.
Besides I’d like to know if it works with any of these products:

  • Risco LightSYS™ 2;
  • Risco ProSYS™ Plus;

If I understand I need to have Risco Cloud enabled, is this done by default? or do I have to pay extra money for this?

One last question, I see that this integration creates binary_sensor for each zone, but does it create a binary sensor also for every physical sensor such as windows sensor, barrier motion detection?

Thanks in advance for any reply.

did you manage to discover something ? I am also interested

It’s a paid feature now and official API is coming soon now with more features

As of today I could not suggest Risco alarm if your intent is to have a fine integration with HA. Simply it is most of the time unavailable and all the nice automations you could use will not work (eg: warn window open, door open, automatic arm/disarm, type of arm according to status of home, etc).
Somebody is “guessing” they will sooner or later solve this issue but it’s more than 3 months I don’t have anymore a stable integration.

Wait a bit, a new integration is coming, based on local access, instead of cloud…
Someone figured out and reversed engineered the configuration software… But the code needs to concerted to python

That’s an amazing news! Hope it will be great, is the WiP already on github?

No, no WIP yet, someone needs to convert to python

Here is link

The are news?

No, no news, don’t think they have time for it… We need a developer to convert code to python


I have a Risco alarm at home and it was discovered from Home Assistant, but I have a problem for which there is very little documentation (or no documentation at all).

There is no correspondence between the action arm_home and what risco understands by it which is partial_arm. In my case I need to map the alarm button arm_home with A that is the group I’m using for that purpose.

The risco source code Source code contains support for the mappings. Also, the Risco HA documentation talks about how the mapping is set. But there is no way to adapt the mapping to my needs using configuration.yaml file. At least, all tests I’ve tried to set that options failed. This is what I’ve tested so far

    - risco_states_to_ha:
      "A": "armed_home"
    - ha_states_to_risco:
      "armed_home": "A"

and also

  - risco_states_to_ha:
    "A": "armed_home"
  - ha_states_to_risco:
    "armed_home": "A"

But none works.

Anyone knows how to tune this?


For the people who are not followling github, there was a project created about a year ago, some clever guy reverse engineered the risco configuration software
you can find all about it here : GitHub - TJForc/risco-lan-bridge: risco-lan-bridge is a "bridge" between a node.js application and a Risco Panel

its not written in python yet, but there is now a docker available!! So we can now use it with MQTT
i have it now running, works perfect, its based on LOCAL lan now, so no more polling needed

for users who have the single socket TCP on the lightsys board, there is also a proxy availble

My connection to risco cloud using 3G is down for 8 hours… Sometimes I have to restart my alarm system to make it work again. But usually I don’t know is it me or them who have something not working. Is there any down detector for Risco Cloud?

i have enabled notifications on riscocloud based on events like, cloud connection down, or other hardware failures… who do you use a 3g connection anyway? why not use IP protocol ?

Hardware for 3G was cheaper and I do not want to relay on my internet connection only

a TCP module is around 120€ not that expensive
i have a SIM module too, as for backup to send SMS/CALLS and IP module for Cloud access for the APP

120€ is not expensive is rather subjective opinion :wink:

yeah, but to have a reliable setup, alarm system needs to be reliable :slight_smile:
maybe the issue is , that your SIM module is in an iron box? can you place the antenna somewhere else?

Most of the timw it works OK but form time to time it is not…

yeah, but you can enable cloud issue email alerts, just have a look on www.riscocloud.com