Roborock S7MaxV - HA Integration

Hi, Has anyone successfully integrated a Roborock S7MaxV to HA. A couple issues I ran into:

  • Having to use Xiaomi Home App as opposed to Roborock App, some functionality was missing. Specifically the Video Icon that allows you to view video from the Robot’s camera is missing or unsupported as yet on the Xiaomi Home app. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  • I managed to extract Xiaomi Cloud key using token_extractor.exe and get the Integration working with 1 device and 17 entities. However I couldn’t get the Xiaomi Cloud Map Extractor by @PiotrMachowskiwhen working HAC card refused to login to Xiaomi saying “Failed to Login” on the Map screen. I’m running HA in a Synology Docker container with the latest version

The Roborock S7MaxV has only just been released in Ausralia. Maybe the integrations do not support it as yet

Grateful for any help

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I have S7 MaxV
Using the HACS Vacuum Card (sucker for the moving image) and I use the Xiaomi Cloud Map Extractor as just a camera view

It all works ok,
with slight exceptions:

  • I always get warning in my logs about Xiaomi Map Extractor is slow to load on boot up
  • (this maybe indirect issue) the camera card has banned me from my https: login is a few times

Thanks for the reply.
This is what I get

The credentials are correct as they work with Cloud key extractor. I’m stumped !

Yeah, i’m no expert to give you support. But it does work
I can post my config script if that helps to compare if you want

A space in the wrong place is enough to cause havoc. triple check the login details…?

Ok, making progress. I needed quotes around the Username & Password in configuration.yaml

It looks different to yours for some reason. Thanks for your help

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Mine is a custom combination of cards stacked:

All credit to @MrFroggy for images

Found this video to write my scripts for my mdi images at the bottom to clean ‘rooms’ and use google assistant commands. It’s takes time to setup and is actually smoke and mirrors. But another awesome addition to the whole thing

final thoughts…
Be careful leaving the the Camera card active on your dashboard too long. I ‘THINK’ this is why I get my devices ip_banned.

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Thanks Adam. I will check out the video

Hi Guys,

Where were you able to extract the Xiaomi token ? Do we definitely need to import the Roborock into Mi Home before we can extract the token ?



Yes from my struggles, the only way to get the token is connect to Xiaomi Home.
Which is a ashamed as the Roborock App is much better, specifically you can view the on-board video, which you can’t do with Xiaomi Home app or HA as far as i can tell. So I’m considering going back to the Roborock App and abandoning HA integration.

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Yeah I miss the Hazard detection in the Roborock app, it gave you a photo of the obstruction.
It’s a little superficial, but a real shame its not in the Mi Home app

isnt there a way to have roborock app and HA integration?

I see this comments are all from Jul .
Was wondering if anyone found a way to have this robot integration while still using the roborock app ??
I really like the roborock app.

i decided that i need the roborock app.
and i dont want to fiddle with xiaomi app and things.

so i made a workaround.

  1. Hue Smart Button triggers HA automation.
  2. HA automation triggers Alexa routine
  3. Alexa routine switches on the device Roborock

so i now got a “leaving home (short)” and “leaving home (long)” function according to short or long press of hue smart button.

Roborock does its thing, doesnt matter which floor he is on.
Roborock is configured to clean the rooms according to my likings.


I was also hoping for HA integration while being able to use the Roborock app. Is there any chance of this being possible in the future?


Is there a way to trigger the dock-related actions: “Empty dust-bin” and “Wash mop”?

Hey there!
I found this discussion in the iobroker forums: [Tester gesucht] Roborock-API
The user rovo89 managed to connect to the roborock api and together with Meistertr they are trying to create a Roborock adapter for iobroker. Maybe we can adapt that work for a home assistant integration?


Oh this is awesome! If I had the know-how I would totally help in this endeavor but I’m just a user, not a creator.


Yep that’s interesting and I’m glad to see this discussion : Roborock token support (with code) · Discussion #1572 · rytilahti/python-miio · GitHub
there are talking about the same forum, I just hope that someone will be able to make this work :slight_smile:

Dont know why some of us dont want to use the Mi Home APP but i receive my Roborock S7 Pro Ultra yesterday and first try was with the Roborock app, which is great, after i came to Mi Home APP and it offers the same settings and same possibility of Roborock APP and Mi Home APP just needed to integrate the roborock to HA with this great tutorial :

thanks @peyanski for your clear, simple and working tutorial! take 10 minutes to complete.

you can even have the map under HA and even Rooms you define under Mi Home APP and almost all settings and functionality of the app.

After that you dont no more need Mi Home APP. Only if you want to modify rooms definition or forbiden zones but sure you dont do that every day…

TRICK: for those who have 2 or more regions for their devices, i use a “clone APP” on Android, so i have one MiHome APP with CN region and a second one with DE region (this one only for the Roborock).

Well, there are differences in the two apps.
This starts with the zones, in the Mi Home app you can not create schedules with it. In the Roborock APP this works without any problems!
Then you have the remote camera which only works via the Roborock app and last but not least the support.
On the one hand, you will be helped much faster with questions and on the other hand, you get updates for your Roborock sooner.

Unfortunately, there is still no way to read the token from the Roborock app, otherwise I would have long since changed again.