RobotDyn AC Dimmer

Has anyone got experience with these?
RobotDyn AC Dimmer Module

I have a D1 mini on the way too so wil be learning Arduino and sketches to get this going, i have a few examples to draw on, mainly this guy,

This will be the last step in getting all my lights in the house controlled through HA and for less than $10 AUD it’s a damn sight cheaper than most human operated rotary dimmer units off the shelf!

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anyone tried these type of ac dimmer with tasmota or esphome ?

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I’m also waiting for ESPHOME so far without a result

Anyone got a working code? Can’t find anything on the net according to get this wiring with home assistant and a esp. The information on ESPHome isn’t available.

Hope anyone succeed in getting this working.

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I’m find something like this and it’s looks good but I don’t tested it jet. Enjoy :wink:

Anyone got it to work with espHome/Tasmota yet?