Robotic lawn mowers

What experiences do people have on integrating lawn mowers with HA?
Which manufacturers have open (or reverse engineered) access to a local or cloud based API?
I’ve seen Worx Landroid and Husqvarna mentioned in this forum, and a question regarding Robomow on Reddit.

I have a Robomow, which can be controlled over a Bluetooth LE connection using a dedicated app. There is no documentation on its interface, nor have I seen anyone reverse engineer it. There are also some signals transmitted over the boundary wire. Any faults (outside, stuck) will also result in the charging adapter giving a visual and auditive alarm. I’m not sure whether this is transmitted over the power cable or using BLE.

Any mower can be monitored and controlled using a door/proximity sensor and/or a metering power plug.
I’ve considered equipping my Robomow with a Sensative Strips that can tell whether it is in the charging dock, mowing, failed (being out of the dock longer than expected), burglar (removed from dock outside expected mowing hours).

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I control my robomow by turning the power off a few minutes before the scheduled start when I’m not home or it’s raining. Even if the Robomow mown yesterday. Five minutes after the scheduled start, I turn on the power again. So he does not start, even if he is supposed to run every day.

I have also installed a contact, so I see whether he has just mowed or not come back and perhaps has set off.


Interesting approach. Your mowing settings are so that scheduled starts are very specific?

I just splashed on one of these:

Seriously, HA Admins/lovers/Admins/owners you should seriously consider an affiliate scheme where you get kick backs for sales on integrated products… I know you not in it for the $$ but you could always spend the $$ altruistically… :slight_smile:

Will report back on possible hacks once I have set it up and looked at the comms…

I have a Robomow too now.

There’s a BLE in it that can be contacted.

RBLE_SERVICE_UUID_V_3_5 = UUID.fromString(“ff00a501-d020-913c-1234-56d97200a6a6”);
RBLE_AUTH_UUID_V_3_5 = UUID.fromString(“ff00a502-d020-913c-1234-56d97200a6a6”);
RBLE_DATA_UUID_V3_5 = UUID.fromString(“ff00a503-d020-913c-1234-56d97200a6a6”);
RBLE_UARTDATA_UUID_V3_5 = UUID.fromString(“ff00a506-d020-913c-1234-56d97200a6a6”);
NOTIFICATION_UUID = UUID.fromString(“00002902-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb”);

Connect to the RBLE_SERVICE_UUID_V_3_5 .
Initiate a DiscoverServices, then subscribe to the AUTH service and send the motherboard id over as byte[] sized 15.

After that you can connect to the notif service etc.

I’m tring to build an android app that I can toss into the mower and control it via rest or SignalR.

Currently I have an old s5 in BLE range where a vnc server runs to start mowing/edge trim or to tinker with over ADB TCPIP.

There’s a BLE in it that can be contacted.

I recently started using a robomow as well.
If you have a github or other where you keep your work, I would be very interested to see what you are achieving and find some more details how this could be made to work :slight_smile:

I figured it all out. Can remote control it with just nodejs and noble. Also created an android app to control it… you can idsue telnet commands to it. Also grabbing gps data to track the robot. Will release source soon

The only thing you would need to figure out is the motherboard serial. Also, it’s tested on an RS model, no idea if there is a difference between models but from what I can reverse engineer it should be the same.

The motherboard serial is used to authenticate to the robot as a valid BLE client.

Here you go, remember, it’s unfinished.

There is an Android implementation and a NodeJS one. Feel free to tinker away.

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I’m also mainly interested in running it from computer or raspberry, any suggestions what the best way is to get started?

setup your pi, install git, node and build tools.
Install the npm package NOBLE (

You need to find out what the motherboard serial is of your bot. I found mine while debugging the Robomow app but it’s also stored in the config files of the app. If you have a rooted android, just install the app there and go through the files.

I updated the readme with a way to get your mobo serial

Can I just ask are there any robotic lawn mowers with a bag in them to collect the grass etc? They all cut the grass and spread it back on the garden but over time you would have to clear it up? is that correct?

No, it is called Mulching and very good for the lawn… especialy if you live near the coast…

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Initially i had the same concerns. The idea is to run thew robot on a regular basis so it takes a very small amount off which as @uiguy points out is called mulching and is very good for the lawn.

I’ve ran mine for about 2 months now every other day and the lawn has never looked better. Little and often seems to be the key.

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Yes, I was pleasantly surprised by this too; the cuttings are small and fall to the soil. Moss has been completely eradicated, I dunno why exactly, maybe the mulch suffocates the moss? Another nice benefit; all the moles have packed up and left. I know they don’t like weird sounds so I can only conclude the robomow scares them off.

The yard looks like a goddang countryclub lawn, I love it, and the only thing I’ve done so far was shell out the cash and install the perimeter wire. And with no longer having to mow 50,000 square feet (4600m2) I have a bunch of extra time, not to mention a lot of extra space in the garage now that ride-on lawn mower has been put out to pasture :slight_smile:

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I have Husqvarna Automover 230ACX, which is pretty dumb in terms of connectivity… no connectivity at all. What I made it I installed reed sensor inside charging station that closes at mover presence. Then it is connected to Fibaro Smart Implant binary input. Using this setup I can monitor if mover is charging, working or for any reason did not returned to base withing assumed time. I used reed/smart implant setup instead of typical door sensor as I wanted electronic to be installed inside garage rather that exposed to weather conditions, that might be pretty tough in Poland :slight_smile:
I like the idea of using some other switch to control the power of mover, so it can be forced to stay at base! It does not mater for weather, as it is fully waterproof, but ‘switching it off’ when I’m out of house might be useful.

So what you could do is cut your guidance wire somewhere where it would make sense and install a relay switch. maybe use the NC contacts and open/close the guidance wire with it.
I know my Husq didn’t go off the pad when the guidance wire had a fault.

That way you’re also not messing with the battery charging logic too much if you were to only cut power to the whole base,

Just a thought.

Good idea! This way I’d not need to make another extended connection (I mean ZigBee, most likely) to the point where charging station is connected to mains. On the other hand guidance wire is going very close to house, making cutting into loop very easy! Thanks a lot for idea!

Did anybody ever build a raspberry version, or non Android mobile version ?