Robotic lawn mowers

Guys, since remote control is removed from robomow app v2… is there an alternative way? Maybe with HA?

I’m not the creator of this youtube video: Robomow RX12u home assistant
But I will try to do it.
Maybe it can help you too

Hey, do you have a running version now for Android for mowing? Since they removed the feature from the Robomow app itself?

No, … I learned the best way to manage the robotic mower is by letting it do it’s thing and rely on a simple schedule

But the android code I posted still works

yeah, i still like those robomows

allthough the manual mow was sometimes verry usefull, for small pieces
too bad they removed the feature from the app, so still looking for an alternative :slight_smile:

So you have the code for manual mow?

Can you explain me how to install and use it?

I’m currently creating an integration for the STIHL iMow series lawn mower.

(Stihl Imow - Robotic lawn mower)

HI all!

Is there any progress on the integration of Robomow in Home assistant? I wouldn’t need the manual control, just some status report

if anyone intested, some guy at a german forum , recreated the older robomow 1.0 app, so you can 2 apps installed on your android, the older to control manual mow, the new one, just todo the other stuff

(for RC users)

Agreed I’d like to add an esp32 to connect to the Bluetooth of the robomow then WiFi to ha.
Mainly for status but I’d like to be able to send it out too if rain expected etc

Ah , that’s indeed interesting… Have you already developed something ?

No. Way out of my ability.
I did find an old project doing it on a pi I think and 1 that soldered of the led display but I don’t want to do that. I use esp32 for other things but only the io stuff

I have thrown a ESP8266 with ESPHome in to the powerbox of my Robomow.

simply connected the LED outputs from the control to the ESP using diodes and the ESP’s build in pull up/down’s, and connected a output from the ESP to the pause button, also with a diode.
won’t let me start the mower, but at least I can now pause it remote, and if the mowing LED is on for too long (1.5 hour) it sends a notification to my phone since it is probably stuck somewhere.

but it would be very cool to use the new bluetooth proxy feature of ESPHome and Home Assistant to get status from the robot!


I just bought a Yard Force mowers and was thinking to do exactly the same thing. You mentioned you can only pause it but not start it, but you could also connect output pins of the ESP32 to the other buttons of the mowner (i.e. the start button) and you would be able to remotely control all the manual functions, right?

I took the easy way out and just used a measuring plug. You can read about it here: Help with mower status

No control is possible, but at least I know what the mower is doing.


Ciao, potresti pubblicare un immagine dei collegamenti elettrici e il codice che hai utilizzato ?
Grazie mille


Recently I installed a RC304u lawn mower from RoboMow, anyone here any luck with the integration with the Bluetooth proxy for ESP home?

I want to setup something, but not sure where to start. Setting up the proxy with a ESP board is not the issue. But I’m not sure how to find (wireshark??) and send the different Bluetooth commands to the mower (preferred with NodeRed), I only want to use it for the state of the mower and to start/stop it.

just stumbled upon this old simple drawing I made.
mabye it useful

Hi all, is there a way to get the Robomow RC work with an esp32 BLE? Did anyone have it working in HA?

Hey, any devs here?
Today the code was published in a draft version, hoping to get some more people on the project, its written in cpp, but i think this could be the start of an integration in HA for older types of robomow, using BT connection

Code is here