Rogue Gas usage (negative) in Energy Dashboard

I’ve looked in the statistics (developer tools) to try and correct two large minus amounts in my gas usage. I’ve looked in the DB for the erroneous entries and cannot find any matching values.

In the developer tools there is no data for 11-12, it’s almost as if the sensor didn’t exist.

Does anyone have any idea where the energy dashboard is getting this phantom figure?

Here’s the YTD showing that the sensor have been reporting correctly.

Perhaps you have the same problem as me.
I have a meter for my solar production which resetted to 0 after a power blackout.
In the SQL Statistics database I can see Entry XX1 400 kWh and Entry XX2 0,1 kWh. So the Dashboard interprets the data as a minus value.
Unfortunately I don’t have a solution to this (maybe have a look at my thread How to fix incorrect data? )
Kind regards!