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RPi 3 B+ - 32bit or 64bit?


I saw on the download page that the 32bit version is recommended. I’m curious as to why.

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because 64 bit is still experimental.

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64 bit is still experimental?
I want to setup new instance and I’m wondering which version to choose.


I don’t know.


32 bit for Raspberry Pi.


There are some thing’s that don’t work with the 64bit image. The GPIO for one.


Yes, I want to use PI B3.
I didn’t know that GPIO doesn’t work on 64 bits. IS it a known issue? Could You post a link to the corresponding issue?


thank You :wink:


Just wondering has any run into an issue with the 64 & 32 bit image lately. I can’t seem to get it working it seem like it’s corrupted…


I use 32 bit on my Rpi 3, I don’t know of any advantages of running 64 bit so 32 bit works great for me.