RSZ1 Springs Window Fashions / Somfy /Bali scenes and limits

Greetings all.

I need at least a little more clarity on two things and what might be worth the effort or beyond my ability to pursue.

First Question:

I want to use a ZOOZ Zen32 scene controller (small buttons) to activate preset scenes consisting of a series of RSZ1 blinds and also be able to activate that same scene via HA. I do not want an equivalent scene in HA! I know how to do this and it works acceptably. I want these scenes to work from a wall button regardless of HA running or not.

Ideally, I would like to configure the scene in HA or some other utility and push it onto each device that participates but I expect that this would be a bridge too far right now. Would love to be wrong!
Has anyone done this? I would very much appreciate pointers!

Second issue:
I do not have any Bali remotes for blinds and would rather avoid spending for them since they are not ‘open’. I may have to get one to deal with setting limits which has cropped up for me on 2 occasions in less than 6 months. I think the most basic remote will serve for this. No idea if it is useful (to me) beyond that.

I find a thread here that is somewhat related but I didn’t find what I was looking for in it. I may have missed it or failed to recognize the value of what I read (common) . I beg forbearance in that case. From what I understand, I would be some way down the road to setting new limits if I could send the same code(s) that is/are sent when both up and down buttons on the basic remote are pushed and held at the same time. I believe this would be visible in Zwave JS log correct? Then I would need to take that data and find come way to transmit using the dongle as the originator (use dongle node id I guess). Then possibly carry on sending motion commands according to Bali directions from HA as if using remote.
Has anyone captured this data - or would they please - and share so I might try to do this?



Were you ever able to figure this out? I have the same setup and would like to follow in your footsteps.

In short no. I purchased a VCZ1 to fix.I can’t offer any more than that now.
I only have had the limit problem with one or two units. Unfortunately the issue just recurred with the same unit and I spent many hours before I got it to work properly again (I guess) only to have the Integration become unstable and unusable.

I just added 6 or Leviton fan controllers, 6 ZEN 32 Scene controllers and a couple other devices and now none of it works. I have wasted the last 4 or 5 days putting in the devices along with the software changes which should have been trivial but no.