Springs Window Fashions Two Button Remote VCZ1 Integration Help


I am attempting to migrate all my devices from Hubitat over to HA. I have built myself a nice little HA box with a Zooz 700 series stick. I am using the Z-Wave JS integration with the stick. I have gotten some Zooz light switches moved over well. I am now attempting to move over my motorized blinds from Zebra Blinds which are based on the Somfy motor. The shade and remote included fine. In the device config for the shade, I can see a control to lower and close the blind and it works fine. The issue is the remote. I dont understand how to get this to work as a remote. When I look at the device in HA, other than battery level entities, all I get is “Two Button Remote: Node Status”. I do not know how to make a scene/blueprint where pressing button 1 will raise the shade and pressing button 2 will lower it.

Here are some pictures and the debug info for the remote:

Debug Info

Here is what I see in the Zwave JS log when I press the first button and then the second button:

Subscribed to Z-Wave JS Log Messages…
2022-02-16T01:03:10.965Z CNTRLR « [Node 010] received CentralScene notification {
                                      "nodeId": 10,
                                      "ccId": "Central Scene",
                                      "ccCommand": "0x03",
                                      "payload": "0xfe0001"
2022-02-16T01:03:12.158Z CNTRLR « [Node 010] received CentralScene notification {
                                      "nodeId": 10,
                                      "ccId": "Central Scene",
                                      "ccCommand": "0x03",
                                      "payload": "0xff0002"

Central Scene notifications are zwave_js_value_notification events in HA.

Can’t you program the remote to control the blinds directly, instead of going through HA?

It initially came paired but In unpaired it to add as a zwave device so the button click could potentially do a few things in an automation.

Is there a way to use these buttons for something else?

I have added them but they don’t show up as “buttons”. I see the scene data stuff above. How do I translate that to be used in an automation?


Any success with this?
I can try to create an Automation with a VCZ1 as the Trigger Device, and it gives me options in the drop down menu for:

  • Central Scene action on Endpoint None Scene 001
  • Central Scene action on Endpoint None Scene 002

which correspond to the lower button and upper button respectively. But, when I try to save the Automation it gives an error:

Message malformed: required key not provided @ data['endpoint']

Ok, I figured this out. I think there is a bug in the Automation GUI, since it provides the options listed above in the drop down menu, but apparently isn’t able to actually create a valid automation from them.

In any case, here is what worked for me…

Most of the information can be found here:

Go to Developer Tools > Events and under “Listen To Events” enter: zwave_js_value_notification and click “Start Listening”. Then press one of the buttons on your VCZ1 remote. You should see the details of the event listed, for me it is something like:

event_type: zwave_js_value_notification
  domain: zwave_js
  node_id: 31
  home_id: 3669923524
  endpoint: null
  device_id: 7c3f65ab35a142a878b557025f150c32
  command_class: 91
  command_class_name: Central Scene
  label: Scene 001
  property: scene
  property_name: scene
  property_key: "001"
  property_key_name: "001"
  value: 0
  value_raw: 0
origin: LOCAL
time_fired: "2022-08-26T03:28:47.240148+00:00"
  parent_id: null
  user_id: null

Copy all of the information under data: (i.e. all of the lines from domain: zwave_js to value_raw: 0)

Create a new Automation, and for the Trigger choose “Event”.
For Event Type enter: zwave_js_value_notification
For Event Data paste in all of the information that you copied from the event details above.

More info…

The two values in the event detail above:

value: 0
value_raw: 0

Correspond to a quick click & release of the button. If instead you press & hold the button, these values will be 2, and then when you release the button another event will fire with the values being 1.

If you remove those lines from the automation Event Data, then the event will trigger with any of these event values.

Also, I didn’t mention it above, but it seems that each Event is sent twice upon each press (or release) of the button. So be aware of this when creating your automations.